Vegetarian pea soup

Many of you loved the lentil soup recipe I published a few weeks ago. Today's recipe for pea soup is similar. It's a delicious, healthy, structured soup made from an incredibly short list of ingredients. Seriously, only five! In this version there are no ham sprouts, only green peas and onions that are tenderly cooked, partially pureed, seasoned and flamed on toppings.

Like many lentil soups, this one offers many of the same nutritional benefits – a good amount of vegetable protein and a lot of stamina. It is hearty and filling and is warmed up even better later in the day. Many health food stores have dried peas that I picked up in the garbage can at the Whole Foods Market.
A really great vegetarian pea soup

Split pea soup: finishing touches

I like finishing each bowl with a generous dash of golden olive oil, a few stains of lemon zest, and a hint of smoked paprika to give the soup a smoky depth. If you have spring onions or roasted nuts on hand (picture), great! Pose something too.

I hope you enjoy the soup, and for those of you who have never split peas, this may be the right time to try it!


Some of you had great suggestions for tweaks and variations in the comments. Here are a few that caught your eye.

Renae took the soup in a herbal direction. "This soup is divine. I added fennel and sage to give it a warmer texture. I used almond milk to thin it out when mixed."

Jesper remarked: "Great looking soup. Instead of using diced broth, I use the water that remains when cooking chickpeas. I usually cook them with an onion, a clove of garlic or two black peppercorns and a bay leaf. The result is one slightly flavored vegetable broth that also freezes well. "

And if you're looking for more lentil or legume-based soups, I really love this coconut-red lentil soup and this green lentil soup with curry brown butter.

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