Turkish Espresso Chocolate Brownies

Hello everyone, after a few weeks without eggs we finally got some. To celebrate? I baked brownies – the best brownies I can make. They are fudgy, profound and decadent with a high ratio of fat (butter & chocolate) to flour. We ate something, frozen something and left something for the neighbors. In addition to a lot of bittersweet chocolate in the batter, I increase the intensity with 1/4 cup of espresso powder and an infusion of fragrant, freshly ground cardamom seeds that bloom in vanilla extract. It's a taste profile that I love every time I come across it. They are Turkish coffee-chocolate brownies and I would like to use my last eggs and chocolate to make them.

Brownie tips

– – chocolate: I love Amy Guittard and the chocolate from her family in San Francisco. For these brownies I use a bag of Guittard Organic Bittersweet 74%. Still, any good bittersweet chocolate is over 70% great. If you can only become semi-sweet in the 60-70% zone now, they're still delicious, but look for bittersweet as your first choice.

– – Grind spices: If you have a coffee grinder at home, you can grind the cardamom seeds along with your beans when you grind the espresso powder. That said, it's probably easier to grind the cardamom quickly with a mortar and pestle – your coffee grinder will keep the cardamom smell going for a while if you don't clean it, which will take some effort. To clean a coffee grinder, you can grind a handful of white rice to remove other ingredients and smells.

– – Invest in good cardamom: Many of you know the turmeric from Diaspora Co., but do not sleep on the cardamom. I use it here and it is incredibly fragrant and special. Other things you can do if you have a glass – steep pods in tea, grinding a few seeds with your coffee beans in the morning, throwing a few pods in stews, etc. Freshly ground spices can make a big difference in baking.
Turkish Coffee Chocolate Brownies

Coffee selection

A dark, strong roast is welcome here. Everything that is called espresso. You want the coffee beans to be finely ground espresso.

Brownie pan size

You have some flexibility here. I call for baking in an 8×8 inch pan. If you only have a 9 x 9 inch brownie pan, I baked it in that size too. They are a bit thinner and you don't have to bake for that long. A 9×13-inch pan results in a thinner brownie that you need to bake even shorter.
Turkish Coffee Chocolate Brownies

I would like to mention a variation. I love using almond extract here instead of the required vanilla extract. I'm on the go right now, but if you have any, you should use them!

Other baking ideas: Maybe you don't feel like brownies, but cookie recipes sound good right now? I love these snicker doodles, these shortbread cookies and this whole grain chocolate chip cookie. Many people are baking this One Bowl Banana Bread on the cake front. Kim Boyces rosemary olive oil cake is wonderful, or if you fancy a project, make the Violet Bakery Chocolate Devil & # 39; s Food Cake.

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