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I do not order Jeans online because as a tall girl it is more difficult to find the right length for my 5 & # 39; & # 39; – 8 & # 39; & # 39; – Finding the frame than it seems … understood?

On the one hand, I can count how many great jeans I've had – you know, the ones that fit perfectly and make you feel good. Denim may look like fabric, but good jeans go a long way.

Let's just say a good pair of jeans found me when I got a pair of that Boohoo X The city girls Collection. I didn't expect them to fit. t only am I tall, but also top heavy and recently had a baby (two years ago, but who counts) so of course I struggle with back fat and love grips. I've pretty much given up on jeans and often opted for high-waisted leggings that stretch slightly over my fupa and help accentuate my shape.

Imagine my excitement when your "Distressed Butterfly Print Friend JeanArrived on my doorstep. Despite my initial fear (there is no way I could look good in boot cut jeans), the jeans were surprisingly high in the waist and stomach. I absolutely loved the butterfly artwork and the desperate design. And they go perfectly with my long legs! It really proved to me that my body shape can work with loose fitting jeans.

I paired my jeans with a plain white tank top and camel-colored suede boots. I immediately received compliments from my friends who noticed how good the jeans looked on me and how much they added to my cali boho booty.

Love, love, love these jeans to snap my stomach area and the perfect length to even wear them with heels. Hot girl activated summer!


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