Three-Hour Fitness center Exercise and a couple of,100 Calorie Food plan – How Bullied Former Firemen Misplaced Ten Stones and Grew to become Bodybuilders – Sunderland Echo

<img alt = "" aria-hidden = "true" class = "i-amphtml-intrinsic-sizer" role = "Presentation" src = "Data: image / svg + xml; character set = utf-8,"/>Aaron lost 10 stones after being bullied by his peers and is now offering free fitness advice.

Aaron Harlow-Stephenson, 21, of Aykley Heads, Co.Durham, lost 10 stones and turned his life around after being bullied at school for his weight.

He spent his teenage years hoarding and devouring chips, convenience foods, and chocolate before embarking on a fitness program.

At 16, he weighed 147 kilos – more than 23 stones.

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<img alt = "" aria-hidden = "true" class = "i-amphtml-intrinsic-sizer" role = "Presentation" src = "Data: image / svg + xml; character set = utf-8,"/> Aaron is now keeping up with a rigorous fitness and diet routine.

The former firefighter now takes part in bodybuilding competitions and creates personalized diet and fitness plans on his Facebook page completely free of charge because he “wants to help people”.

He said, "The turning point was in college when someone walked by and said, 'Who ate all the cakes? "It just triggered something and made me change my lifestyle.

"I took up rugby and followed a strict diet – I lost 10 stones and kept fit by working as a firefighter and training to be a bodybuilder."

The 21-year-old now works out in the gym for about three hours and runs up to 3 miles each day while sticking to a 2,100 calorie diet consisting of chicken or turkey and celery.

He added, "People seem surprised that I am giving free fitness advice, but with so many people at home eating comfortably, I wanted to find ways to help them with their physical and mental health."

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Aaron, who now works as an ambulance clinical care assistant, helps create plans for a wide variety of people from retirees with arthritis to 14-year-old boys looking to build their strength and confidence.

He said, "I just wanted to help people and without charging a fee, connect with people a lot more. People tell you exactly what they're dealing with."

"Sometimes it's not just fitness advice, I also help with mental health."

To date, the fitness guru has gained more than 83,000 Instagram followers and created over 300 plans.

He added, "It's not just about fitness, I help anyone who contacts me, sometimes people just want to chat and I'm more than happy to help everyone wherever I can."

You can find more information on Aaron's fitness page here.

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