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New York, New York, April 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Perhaps one of the greatest feelings in life is feeling empowered. It's the feeling that drives you to do what you really want and to do it proudly. For many of us, however, life can often pull us down and cause that feeling to go away. According to the Boost Media Agency, empowerment is a critical component to being successful in both your mission and your life – and ultimately being happy. Each with his own style, here we present the 10 empowerment coaches that can be seen in 2021.

Kristina Licare (@kristinalicare)

Kristina Licare is an awareness educator, personal evolution mentor and empowerment coach who helps women around the world break free from their past, pain, patterns and programming.

Those who work with Kristina are experiencing massive changes in mental health, sexual expression, intimate relationships, and financial wealth – and everything in between.

Kristina believes that when you wake up in one area, you wake up in all areas – and this is the way to a life of emotional release, self-transformation and inner peace.

While most trainers teach the mindset, Kristina brings something else to the table – something far more valuable and powerful: energetic healing in the body.

Through the process of creating space around your thoughts, becoming the master of your emotional patterns and consciously releasing trapped energy in the body, Kristina teaches her clients how to stop unconsciously living the past so they can become an expansive reality create their own conditions.

Jessica pinili (@jesspinili)

Jessica Pinili is a female empowerment coach and founder of the Woman Up Monthly Membership. She is also the host of the Jessica Pinili podcast. She has focused her career on helping busy women around the world sabotage themselves so they can have healthier relationships, stop liking people, and more importantly, reconnect with themselves and their wives.

Although there are many empowerment trainers out there, Jessica has something different to offer to all women who want to regain control of themselves. Through her approach, she combines science and soul to provide extremely valuable and effective services. In the space Jessica creates, women from all walks of life can immerse themselves deeply in empowerment and human connection and become more confident to pursue the life they dream of.

Their unique one-on-one coaching program called Lifestyle By Design is the modern day care that all women need if they are to operate at a higher level and want the results they want in their life. Woman Up Monthly completes your coaching wonderfully and is number 1 among the female members for women. It serves as a sacred place where women can learn about healthier relationships, how to align with their true purpose and create happiness from within.

Asia Hilario (@ asia.hilario)

Asia Hilario is a Self-Love Coach, Philanthropist, Crisis Advisor for CrisisTextline, Mental Health and Wellness for Women Empowerment Blogger, and Podcaster. As a survivor of the abuse, Asia grew up with low self-esteem, self-esteem, and self-confidence. But one day she picked up her first self-help book and that was the beginning of a big change in her life. She immersed herself deeply in self-help through books and therapy and learned a lot.

She decided to share her knowledge and story with the hope of reaching other people who need help or inspiration to change their lives. So her blog was born and it got pretty successful thanks to the supportive community she created. In 2019, she was named Woman of the Year due to the impact of her blog just 4 months after starting Women on the Rise. Then she started her podcast, which was in the top 75 of its genre on day one.

Asia is from Saipan Island and currently lives in Silicon Valley, a true example of the American dream. She found success using her voice and she quickly quit her 9 to 5 job to become her own boss. Today she is passionate about helping other women through empowerment and self-love coaching to do the same so that they can use their inner strength to change their lives. She is also passionate about changing the world, which is why she has invested heavily in philanthropic work.

Jessie Ereddia (@jessieereddia)

The angry mother became the empowered mother. Jessie Ereddia is now an Empowerment Coach helping Christian mothers change their own motherhood experience. After years of overcoming fear and anger and figuring out what the solution might be to overcome all of this, Jessie took what she had learned and created her Mom Empowered Coaching program. By combining biblical principles with self-coaching skills and cognitive psychology, she teaches mothers how to deal with their thoughts, emotions and actions and to step into the freedom and abundant life for which God created them. She often works with mothers to overcome their own fears and anger, have stronger and healthier marriages, and pursue their goals and dreams with confidence.

Jessie knows too well how easy it is not to seek support for fear of judgment and is committed to fighting taboos around mental and emotional health, especially in the Christian community. She does this by talking about her previous experiences of overcoming anger after childbirth as a young mother and being emotionally abusive in her marriage. Her Mom Empowered Podcast has received over 150,000 downloads since 2017 and continues to be a resource that helps put postpartum anger on the radar.

w, while balancing her passionate business with caring for her three young daughters, Jessie works as living and breathing evidence of the philosophy behind her program: "The women who enjoy being the most, are the women who do feel most empowered as a mother ". Her mission is to be an example to other Christian mothers of all that is possible as they achieve the emotional wellbeing they need to live safely the life they have always wanted.

Annie Calvaneso (@theglamfitdiva)

Annie Calvaneso is an entrepreneur and empowerment coach who is driven by multiple passions. She wears many hats as a business coach, health and fitness coach, and professional opera singer. Ann Marie specializes in working with singers, artists and performers, empowering them to live their lives in sync with their authentic selves.

As a health and fitness trainer, Ann Marie helps women achieve their fitness goals and encourages them to live balanced and abundant lives. She is an eating disorder warrior, so she understands and supports clients in recovery, helping them heal and transform their relationships with food and body image while teaching them sustainable and healthy habits. She has become a well-known fitness professional in the field of classical music and offers her Strength for Singers workshops at universities and artist training programs.

As a business coach, Ann Marie helped 60 performing artists start their own businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic with her webinar "How to Generate Income Education Online". She offers private coaching for health, fitness and business. Her focus is on empowering her clients so that they can use their intuition as a guide and listen to themselves rather than meeting societal expectations. She is passionate about working with women and helping them improve their confidence skills so they can achieve their goals.

Krista Weber (@

Krista Weber is not your typical life coach. She is a Luxe Empowerment Coach – living proof that by embodying your deepest desires and aligning with your intuition, you can achieve far greater heights of success, happiness and abundance – and that the journey doesn't have to be difficult. It will be fun. Krista shows her clients how to fulfill the signals of their desires – the things that can make you feel "fomo" as you scroll through social media – are actually clues as to what is meant for you, a sign of that you need to support yourself and take action!

Krista is here to help her clients gain clarity about what they really want – outside of society and the roles they have played in life – and to show them how they can want it – and to help them show how they can have it all "by letting go of the conditioning and limiting the beliefs that have held them back.

She helps her clients achieve this profound, lifelong transformation by breaking everything down step by step. First, when one understands that they are worth whatever they want, there are no fundamental flaws that must shut someone out from success, abundance, and love. And by helping them understand that their personal growth and rewriting of their rulebook benefit everyone around them, by inspiring others to accept themselves, prioritize and set boundaries.

The passion that Krista brings to her work through Femme / Luxe Life Co is evident, and the combination of certified life coach motivational techniques and energetic and spiritual principles that involve mind, body and soul promotes the transformation of both the conscious and the also of the unconscious so that their clients very quickly begin to embody the highest vision they have for themselves and turn their goals into reality as quickly as possible to prove that it is really worth the most in themselves invest yourself.

Mary zargarian (@mindsetmary)

Mary Zargarian is the empowerment trainer ambitious women need when they are ready to break away from their busy selves so they can live a more vibrant and full version of their life. It's not difficult for women entrepreneurs to determine that they are overworked, burned out, and overwhelmed. However, it is important to remember that life is too short to live this way, and Mary knows the importance of balance, so she is here to ensure it is.

Her background in career and leadership development enables her to help women entrepreneurs regain balance in constant business. She understands that personal fulfillment and success are not achieved by walking in a single path. There's a lot more to life than work, and Mary helps her clients see that. Through Mindset Mary, she helps them see the power they have in their choice. the choice to live the life they want and be who they want to be.

Using modalities like NLP, Mary helps her clients uncover their deepest fears and overcome barriers to focus more on self-love, mindset, energy control and self-development. She offers a wide range of services, such as one-on-one coaching, workshops and lectures, where she provides the clarity people need to create a sustainable lifestyle that emphasizes freedom, fun, and general alignment and balance.

Claudette Malone (@claudette_malone_coaching)

Claudette Malone is a certified Empowerment & Mindset Coach who is passionate about helping working mothers avoid burnout, regain their identity and lead a purposeful and empowered life. As a high performing working mom, she understands exactly how difficult it can be to juggle so many different things at the same time. She continues to be part of the corporate world where she has nearly 20 years of experience at the highest levels of her profession.

Today she combines that experience with her passion for empowering women from all walks of life to teach them to be the architects of their own lives. She helps women develop the mindset they need to overcome imposter syndrome and helps them get back on the ultimate path of balancing personal and professional success.

Claudette comes from an unconventional background as a bi-racial woman who was born in South Africa during apartheid. She was literally born into a system that didn't want her to exist, so she learned to find her place and use her purpose to excel as a transformation coach.

This life experience allows her to be a kind of empowerment coach who always tries to go deeper so she can help clients make positive changes in their lives. With her 12-week coaching program, she helps them explore their psyche in a safe space, explore their behavior and destroy the habits of self-sabotage. She works closely with clients to guide them on their transformation journey. This is done using proven techniques and practical recommendations that will help them change their lives and bring them closer to the life and person they have always dreamed of.

Stacy S. Crawley (stacyscrawley)

Stacy S. Crawley is a wife and mother of four beautiful girls (including a number of twins).

She is a vibrant and energetic mother empowerment coach and motivational speaker who tirelessly influences and transforms the lives of mothers around the world by telling their story and inspiring them to thrive, not just survive, on their motherhood journey.
Through her personal experience and expertise, Stacy always looks forward to empowering her clients and / or audiences to use their gifts and talents to accomplish their God-given purpose.
With her warm and caring yet direct personality, she has the ability to challenge her audience and / or clients, get rid of the overwhelm, build trust, and prioritize so that they can create a life they love.
She equips her clients and audiences alike with motivational tips, tools, and actionable strategies to ensure they are taking immediate steps to lead a life of joy, happiness, and fulfillment.
Stacy is the CEO of Ignite Her Purpose, LLC.

Laura Sylvester (@laurasylv)

Laura Sylvester is a women's empowerment and self-confidence trainer obsessed with learning and broadening their horizons. She has always had a keen interest in how the brain works, so she has pursued that interest in many ways. Laura holds degrees in psychology, mindfulness, life coaching and CBT and is a certified NLP practitioner. But what she is most proud of is her life experience, as it has given her the resilience and drive she needs to be successful.

Having dealt with her own mental health issues and depression in the past, she worked with therapists, coaches, and mentors on personal development, growth, and mindset. Laura had a near death experience in 2009 and another in 2017 where she fought for her life in intensive care. In this battle she had a spiritual awakening and she realized that she wanted to help other women by masterfully challenging this mindset in order to change and transform their lives for the better.

Laura's passion is to empower women so that they can reconnect with their inner strength and bring back their shine. It helps them change their mindset so that they can see themselves and the world in a much more positive light. Laura enthusiastically guides her clients and works hard to help them build their confidence, remove limiting beliefs, break down barriers and reach their full potential so they can achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams.

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