Rob Gronkowski can wrestle in a WWE ring

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Rob Gronkowski, former patriot of the New England Patriots, made a name for himself by squeezing through massive football players to get touchdowns and holding extravagant parties.

The retired Super Bowl champion, who became the CBD spokesman, may soon be up against people again, but this time on a wrestling mat.

At WWE Backstage, a program that takes viewers behind the scenes of the world's most famous wrestling promotion, correspondent and dirt sheet writer Ryan Satin reported that Gronk is about to sign a contract that is due earlier this month should appear in the square.

By: @ryansatin 🚨BREAKING NEWS: 🚨 @ WWE should be close to a deal with @RobGronkowski #WWEBackstage

– WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) March 11, 2020

While it is unclear how Gronk would be used in the WWE, it would not be far-fetched to suspect that he might be dealing with some of the wrestlers, as he has done in the past. In 2017, he jumped on the barricade at WrestleMania 33 to help his real friend Mojo Rawley win the Andre the Giant Battle Royale.

He mentioned the idea earlier and said during a press conference last year: "When it comes to wrestling, I don't feel like I'm a full-time wrestler, but one thing is not important to me." And that's a crazy match. Practice it a little, get out – like a Royal Rumble – get out, I have my boyfriend in the WWE (Rawley), practice it and do a full WWE match. "

There's a great opportunity to accomplish this as this year's SummerSlam takes place in Boston, the place where he has played throughout his NFL career.

Triple H even hinted at this possibility when he and his wife Stephanie McMahon attended Gronk's Super Bowl Beach Party in February. "Maybe you should come to our party in Boston," Triple H said in a tweet. "I heard it's the biggest of the summer."

Thank you for inviting us to the Beach Party @RobGronkowski … maybe you should come to our party in Boston … heard that it's the biggest of the summer. @StephMcMahon

– Triple H (@TripleH) February 1, 2020

Gronk certainly has the build and personality to succeed in the WWE, and we're sure someone like Rawley would train him well before entering the ring. We look forward to this becoming a reality.

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