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Dear editor,

With exquisite timing, the December 17th issue of the Atascadero News featured a long letter from Keith Swank, manager of the Kennedy Club, complaining about COVID restrictions on his and other companies. He is believed to have requested many letters of support from clients, which is his perfect right.

But on the same day the Tribune carried a letter entitled "Warning from SLO County's Hospital Chiefs: The Local COVID-19 Crisis Has Been" Heavily Underestimated "Consequences."

While I understand the difficulties businesses are facing, the means is to promptly pass adequate federal relief law rather than pretending to have medical expertise that they do not have. r do I know of any such expertise from customers who have written to help and for whom I have far less sympathy. You may feel “perfectly safe”. This also applies to the millions of U.S. citizens who ignored requests from epidemiologists not to travel over Thanksgiving, which has resulted in increased deaths and hospitalizations across the country.

I can't train in the places I would have preferred, but I have found beneficial alternatives that will guide us through the crisis until the vaccines get us past this crisis in a few months. Failure to heed these requests from medical professionals is a slap in the face of the frontline providers, to whom we all pay lip service and who are under tremendous physical and emotional strain, as well as the victims of this malignant disease and their families.

With best regards,
Steve Smith, Atascadero

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