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Òlòtūré's character drained me emotionally – Sharon Ooja – P.M. information

Sharon Ooja in Òlòtūré

From Taiwo Okanlawon

llywood actress Sharon Ooja announces that she has lost about 3 kg for her role in EbonyLife Films' latest blockbuster, Òlòtūré, a powerful Art uveau film about human trafficking.

Òlòtūré, depicting human trafficking, a growing threat in Nigeria, premiered on Netflix on October 2nd. It is the second Nigerian film to be released as Netflix Original under its groundbreaking multi-project deal, signed with EbonyLife Films last June.

Sharon played the role of an undercover journalist in the blockbuster film.

In an interview with Pulse on Friday, she said, “In terms of weight loss, I lost about 3kg for the movie.

“When I was on set for the first time, I was about 65 kg. I was very well fed, but I still lost a lot of weight because I can't cope with emotional stress well and the character was emotionally stressful.

“To be honest, I had a badly sprained ankle (laughs). I sprained my ankle and it hurt for almost a year. But it was worth it, to be honest. "

The 29-year-old actress said she had to watch loads of YouTube videos and googled about girls being traded to fit the character.

Sharon added that she felt "so downhearted" when she realized the pain a raped person goes through.

“Only as an actor did I feel so depressed. Those were the challenging parts for me, ”she said.

Òlòtūré, in which Omoni Oboli, Beverly Osu and Ada Ameh also play, captures the harsh reality of human trafficking in Nigeria and offers an insight into how women are forced under seductive and false pretenses and drawn into a dark underworld, from which unfortunately many never to return .

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, with a conservative estimated 21 million people being forced or compelled to be trafficked around the world.

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