Making certain A Sampann Monsoon Weight-reduction plan To Hold Our Digestions Blissful and Immune – Occasions Now

Ensuring A Sampann Monsoon Diet To Keep Our Digests Happy And Maintain Immunity & nbspPhoto Credit: & nbspiStock Images

New Delhi: Indian food can not only help us improve overall health but also boost our immunity. However, if you're too busy and preoccupied with too many chores in the home office, some carefully selected ready-to-cook mixes can be to your taste during the lazy monsoon days as they can be done in a jiffy, are very convenient, and several provide essential nutrients for sampann sehat .

Plus, not all ready-made meals are bad. If you choose carefully and choose a trusted source, you can achieve immense health as a result. Below is a list of five easy-to-cook and nutrient-filled dishes to keep handy for those busy, stressful times.

Multi-Dal Cheela

This is the perfect choice for a nutritious, hearty meal on the go and is suitable for both breakfast and main meals. Fill the cheela with spinach and have breakfast with a spicy chutney or combine it with a subzi and a raita for lunch or dinner. You can use the Multi-Dal Cheela Mix with unpolished Moong Dal and Urad Dal flour, unpolished Masoor Dal, rice flour and spices. It is important to choose a mixture that contains unpolished dals whose nutrition is intact. Read the labels carefully to choose a blend with ajwain (carrom seeds) as this spice will keep your digestion and, therefore, your immunity in good condition.

Moong dal Cheela

Looking for a change in taste? Try Moong Dal Cheela. This mixture contains unpolished Moong Dal flour and healthy spices with intact natural oil. Also has iodized salt, which provides the much-needed iodine, and turmeric containing 3% curcumin for additional anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting benefits.


Who says you have to say no to Pakodas? As long as they're eaten sparingly and made at home with a pakoda blend of besan, rice flour, and health-promoting spices, it's been made with meticulous precision. However, be careful about the type of oil you are using for frying.

Multigrain khichidi

Khichdi is the best comfort food you can eat this season. It has a lot to offer – the rice and dal combination provides complete protein with all the essential amino acids. It's easy to digest, high in fiber, and convenient to prepare and eat. Look for a ready-to-cook mix made with unpolished moong dal flour, pea flour, rice flour, besan, and quality Salem spices. Choose a brand that you trust so you can be sure of the quality.

Red rice poha

While people often reach for white poha, many don't know that red poha also exists. This is common in southern India. This is an acquired taste, but once you get used to it, you will appreciate and benefit from its goodness. Red rice poha is naturally high in fiber and iron and very easy to prepare. Try a few times a week and add some vegetables to make them even more nutritious.

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