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Kelly Osbourne seems reworked in six first weight reduction photographs – Mirror On-line

The presenter Kelly Osbourne was spotted for the first time since her six stone weight loss.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's 35-year-old daughter recently announced on Instagram that she had lost 85 pounds (six stones) since she last visited the mother of one of her friends.

w the E! The host was spotted walking the streets of Los Angeles, California at The Grove with a male friend and his daughter.

Kelly and the couple also went to the American Girl Store to shop around while wearing masks and socializing.

The purple and pink-haired star wore flared black jeans with white socks and sliders.

She was also adorned with a black biker jacket, white face mask, and black-rimmed cat glasses.

Kelly Osbourne demonstrates her stunning weight loss while shopping at the American Girl doll store in Los Angeles

Her braided locks were made into cat ear buns on top of her head, which gave a very cute feel to it.

Kelly looked completely relaxed despite current fears surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

The news of her tremendous weight loss was confirmed earlier this month when her friend Jeannie Mai's mother also commented on the post, writing, "Oh my god, you've lost a lot of weight."

Kelly herself then replied, writing, "@themamamai, that's right, Mama Mai. I've lost 85 pounds since I last saw you. Can you believe it? Kaakakaka."

Kelly's slimmer body was complemented by a chic Californian look with a face mask

Kelly was seen at The Grove with a male friend and his daughter

The stylish star has already spoken about how her switch to a vegan diet in 2012 was responsible for her weight loss.

Speaking to HuffPost, she said, "Once I learn how to exercise properly and eat right, one of those things is that you just have to commit to one life change instead of going on a diet."

However, that doesn't mean Kelly isn't missing out on certain aspects of her pre-vegan days.

"I really miss eating cheese, so today I tried 'vegan clam noodles and creamy sauce' also known as mac & cheese … you can't tell the difference."

Kelly wowed her fans earlier this month when she confirmed her 85 pound weight loss

It is believed that Kelly began her vegan diet during a romantic relationship with Chef Matthew Mosshart, but continued to follow the principles of lifestyle after their relationship ended.

Her last confirmed romance was with model Jimmy Q, but they split in the summer of 2019.

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