John Meadows & # 39; 6 week plan for muscle mass

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Forty-two days. During this time, we will ask you to put more muscles into your body. This is not a very long time, but at the end of the program you will ask for mercy.

For six weeks, you follow a six-day (or three if time is short) workout split where you have to go beyond what your muscles can do alone. You must also make yourself comfortable eating far more than you are (probably) used to.

All this is the idea of ​​IFBB Pro League bodybuilder and programming guru, John Meadows, C.S.C.S. We have added a sample week from his six-week Project Colossus program. The principles are listed below, but here's the essence: you'll lift as hard as possible, eat thousands of calories, and let your body guide your progress. When it's all over, you have the bulk to show it.

Meadows' four tips for a successful bulk-up

Deloads: "There will be no delays during this program. So soak it up and press as hard as possible for six weeks. Then you can withdraw a little. "

Progress: "You can do a certain number of repetitions in one week, you will add partial repetitions in the next week, and you can also add an isometric stop the next week."

Training split: “This is a push, pull and leg program with optional pump days for everyone. Still, I don't expect you to do it every six days. (You can if you're a psycho, but that's up to you.) Instead, do all three main days of pushing, pulling, and tying (shown here) and add two pump days. If you want to focus on your upper body, you can pin the Push (Pump) and Pull (Pump) days. Or if you want to hit your legs twice, add this to your routine and choose one of the extra upper body days. "

Restoration: "To really tap your growth potential, make it your job to reduce your stress outside the gym (paying your bills on time helps a lot of time) and to get a good night's rest. For sleep, my general guidelines are: 1) Get it Eight hours of sleep. 2) Turn off the electronics two hours before bed. 3) Keep your room cool. 4) Don't take a nap in the late afternoon. "

How to eat for more bulk

Directions: If you want to grow up, you have to eat like this. Follow these guidelines as a starting point and adjust them as needed. It's a lot of food, but you have to push it for six weeks.

* /

Eat for more bulk
Macronutrients How much to eat
Calories Multiply body weight x 20
Daily grams of protein Multiply body weight x 1.25
Daily grams of fat Multiply body weight x .5
Your carbohydrates consist of remaining calories

Example: For a 200 pound man: 4000 calories / 250 g protein / 100 g fat / 525 g carbohydrates

* To find carbohydrates: multiply 250 x 4 (4 calories in one gram of protein) = 1,000. Then 100 x 9 (9 calories in one gram of fat) = 900. Add them (1,900) and subtract them from 4,000 (total calories). You still have 2,100 left. Divide that by 4 (the amount of calories in a carbohydrate) and you have your number.

How to measure your workload with RPE

Your Perceived Effort Rate (RPE) determines how hard to work. Here's how to decrypt the RPE numbers listed below.

* /

Perceived Effort Rate
RPE description
6 Simple warm-up weight
7 Can do 4-6 more repetitions
8th Can do 2-3 more repetitions
8.5 Can do 2 more repetitions
9 Can do 1 more repetition
10th Hit failure with perfect shape
11 Went past a failure with a relaxed shape
12th Intensity technique used to overcome mistakes
13 Multi-intensity techniques used to overcome errors


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