Id of Youngsters Concerned in Killing 90 12 months Olds to Hold Secret –

Grace Virtue died after being attacked at her home in Bath St, Levin in November 2019.

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Grace Virtue died after being attacked at her home in Bath St, Levin in vember 2019.

Three teenage girls responsible for the death of a 90-year-old woman after a violent home invasion will keep their names a secret.

The girls have pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Grace Virtue and are due to be convicted in early 2021. Virtue died 25 days after being attacked at her Levin home on vember 2, 2019.

In a High Court ruling released this week after a hearing in early December, QC Justice Helen Cull ruled that the names of the three teenage killers will be permanently suppressed.

The judge suppressed much of the information behind her reasons, but allowed one of the youths to report that "one of the reasons raised was the safety of the person and related health concerns, the details of which are being suppressed".

* Teenage girls involved in 90-year-old Grace Virtue's death seek name suppression
* Teenagers admit manslaughter of a 90-year-old woman after the murder charges were withdrawn
* & # 39; Murder & # 39; plan drawn up by teenagers via Facebook Messenger hears the court


Three teenagers pleaded guilty to murdering 90-year-old Grace Virtue, who died of a brain injury after a home invasion in Levin.

On the other hand: "It can be reported that the reasons were extreme difficulties, and this was exacerbated by their upbringing and subsequent vulnerability."

Two of Virtue's sons opposed name suppression, saying their mother's name was in the public domain. Given the gravity of the crime, the repression would "smell like double standards," they said.

The Crown didn't oppose any of the three name suppressions, while Stuff told the court that the relevant suppression tests must be passed.

The older girls, then 15 and 14 years old, entered the home of Virtue & # 39; s Bath St provided they were using the bathroom.

The younger of the two attacked Virtue while the other watched. The youngest girl of the three, then 14, had a plan to rob the house but decided she didn't want to go inside.

The girls took the Virtue debit card and used it to buy cigarettes, soft drinks, jeans, a sweatshirt and lollipops.

They were originally on trial for murder but admitted the lesser charges on the second day of the hearing.

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