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How To Construct The Finest Energy Bowl Ever

When our meals are balanced, we are healthier. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer by putting enough fruit and vegetables on our plates. If we fill our bowl with enough lean protein, we can deliver electricity all day and eat less calorie foods later. By consuming enough good fats, we can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and build healthy cell membranes and nerves, says Harvard Health. According to Healthline, choosing enough good, high-fiber carbohydrates can support a healthy gut and lower cholesterol. A balanced diet can even contribute to our mental well-being, ScienceDaily says.

The problem is that most Americans don't get everything they need on their plates. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the average person eats only about one and a half cups of vegetables a day, compared to the two to three cups they should receive. We also eat too many refined grains and not enough high-fiber whole grains, says the Office for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The American diet also contains a lot of protein and fat. However, the protein is usually not lean and too many of the fats are saturated. In addition to unbalanced meals, the weekly report on morbidity and mortality explains that an increase in total calories has contributed to our increasing obesity (most of which are mostly carbohydrates).

There is an easy way to prepare balanced meals that don't require a culinary conclusion: Power Bowls. These nutritious meals combine the right portions of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fats to keep your diet, health and waist up to date. You also don't skimp on taste or variety: if you change the mix, you can enjoy bowls that contain your favorite flavors. Try this breakfast Sweet potato hash bowl or enjoy Asian flavors for lunch with it Asian Edamame Power Bowl. With our you can even get a balanced meal based on plants Veggie Power Bowl.

Use your creativity to build your own healthy Power Bowl with what you have on hand. It's easy! Simply put some of your favorite foods in this formula to make your own perfectly portioned, fast, casual-style Power Bowl. To make it easier for you to get started, we have produced a sample bowl so that you can participate.

7 savory Power Bowl recipes for a filling Flex ™ meal

Make the best Power Bowl ever with these five easy steps:

1. Start with a handful of carbohydrates.

healthy power bowl

Yes, we literally mean a handful. In a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants misjudged portion sizes in about fifty percent of the cases. The researchers explain: "Over-reporting was typical for cereals in both sexes and for snacks, vegetables and fruit in women."

Your solution to this portion size battle is at the end of your arm: choose a cereal or pasta to start your Power Bowl, e.g. B. brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa or another favorite. Place a handful (about half a cup or the size of a tennis ball) in the bottom of your bowl.

For our sample bowl we start with a portion of high-fiber brown rice.

2. Add a palm-sized piece of protein.

Power bowl protein

Your hand helps here too! Assuming you don't wear world record gloves, the size of your palm is only about three ounces of lean beef, chicken, or fish. For most of us, that's enough protein for one serving, depending on the meal category. Check your nutrisystem Flex meal Guidelines to make sure you get enough. Do you prefer a vegetarian protein? When making decisions like tofu or seitan, return to that hollow hand – half a cup of these ingredients is a great source of vegetable protein.

For our sample bowl, we cover our brown rice with a palm-sized piece of chicken breast, which is boiled in oil (see below) and cut into cubes.

Do you need help with PowerFuels and SmartCarbs? Click the link below for everything you need to know!

What the hell are SmartCarbs and PowerFuels anyway?

3. Throw in some fists of vegetables.

vegetarian power bowl

Load your bowl of non-starchy vegetables for a filling meal that's filled with nutrients. On NutrisystemMembers are encouraged to eat at least four servings of non-starchy vegetables a day. Adding vegetables to your Power Bowl gives you benefits in fighting heart disease, belly-filling fiber, and other vitamins you need. In addition to the superfood powers, it also offers crunch, sweetness and more deliciousness.

How much to add Your fist is about the size of a serving of vegetables. Take at least two in your Power Bowl to get off to a good start with four servings for this goal. If you’re not sure what is considered a starchy vegetable, Click here to find out more. >

For our sample bowl we take three servings and throw in a handful of chopped broccoli florets, another diced sweet red pepper and a large handful of chopped romaine lettuce.

4. Try cooking oil with your fingertip.

healthy cooking oil

The calories in cooking oil can add up quickly. Do you want a boiled potato? It's 97 calories. Turn these potatoes into fries with some oil and your side dish has just jumped over 300 calories. Keep your cooking oil in check by sticking to a single serving, a teaspoon. If your measuring spoons are not around, use your fingertip as a guide for a teaspoon of oil. This is enough to roast the chicken breast used for our sample bowl.

How to become a Nutrisystem Portion Pro

5. Thumbs up for something special or funny.

healthy power bowl dressing

Decorate your bowl with something delicious – a favorite sauce, dressing, or some grated cheese. To keep your portions in check, check your thumb: a thumb-sized portion is a tablespoon that is perfect for greasy dressings to fill your bowl with flavor, but not crush it with calories.

We finish our sample bowl with a tablespoon of lemon vinaigrette for a warm, delicious power bowl with brown rice, chicken, broccoli, red pepper and Romaine, seasoned with salt and freshly cracked pepper.

With Nutrisystem you can enjoy balanced meals that are perfectly portioned for weight loss. Even better, we deliver them directly to your door! Click here to get started>

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