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SAN FRANCISCO and ARDMORE, Pa., Aug. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – EIS, a centralized and digital platform provider for insurers, and Spraoi, a digital services and consulting provider, have integrated their dental and group product delivery solutions and volunteer Service insurers offer a faster way to digitally transform their product development and distribution while optimizing their customer experience.

As insurers accelerate the pace of digital transformation to meet market expectations, they must overcome the hurdles of having multiple products on separate product platforms and delivering a customer experience that is negatively affected.

The collaboration between EIS and Spraoi is intended to accelerate the simplification of systems and the customer experience and to enable new product offers, sales and AI-supported customer trips to be made quickly. EIS and Spraoi work as open ecosystem partners. EIS provides a comprehensive, industry-leading set of open APIs that expose the offering, evaluation, policy management, billing, claims and customer management capabilities in the EIS Suite ™ of core applications. Spraoi connects to these APIs to build customer and agent portals within its QuikCover solution and provides machine learning models to improve offer-to-claim operating results.

The integration has already been used by Renaissance, a nationwide provider of dental, visual, life, disability, and casualty products to support a diverse product portfolio and deliver a next generation sales and customer experience.

"Through our ongoing partnership with Spraoi, we are taking another step in helping insurers become the agile, customer-centric organizations that the future of insurance needs will demand," said Tony Grosso, Head of Marketing at EIS. “EIS pursues an open ecosystem strategy that uses the native openness of our platform to quickly connect to complementary solutions and to increase the business value of the network operators' digital transformations. Insurers can benefit immensely from technology partners who are technically and culturally oriented when they build platforms that respond to the market. "

In addition to its portal technology, Spraoi's machine learning models can also have a positive impact on many core processes that are made possible via the EIS® platform. For example, in order to improve the propensity to buy while consumers are busy with the platform, the solution can provide recommendations based on their personality as to which products are most relevant to them via the EIS Suite. In the claims process, Spraoi provides the adjusters and various stakeholders with models for machine learning for segmentation, assignment, automatic assessment and fraud detection. The integration of the EIS and Spraoi solution is available in the areas of property / accident and group / voluntary benefits.

"Spraoi is excited about our advanced partnership with EIS as we share the vision of how to deliver new generation technologies to freight forwarders," said Karan Mishra, co-founder of Spraoi. “We have a natural fit. Spraoi solutions make optimal use of the fully digital core of EIS to provide an enhanced and adaptable user experience. This means that insurers are getting the most out of their investments in digital transformation. "

About Spraoi

Spraoi is an insurance technology solutions provider that combines the advisory expertise of Big 4 Insurance with the acumen of Silicon Valley technology and offshore scale. We're focused on helping Carrier customers with the two most pressing needs they face today: how can they use their data to optimize results using our patent-pending platform, and how can customers use our loyalty infrastructure during be better integrated throughout the entire life cycle? In addition to our solutions, we have created an innovation framework that ensures accountability from concept to execution and removes technology as an obstacle to progress. Visit us at

About EIS

EIS is an insurance software company that enables leading insurers to innovate and act like a technology company: fast, easy, agile. EIS was founded in 2008 and offers a platform for high-speed insurance. This open, flexible platform of core systems and digital solutions enables insurers to accelerate and scale innovation, bring products to market faster, unlock new revenue streams and create insurance experiences the world will love. With thousands of open APIs, the platform gives insurers the freedom to connect to a vast ecosystem of insurtech and new technologies. EIS is headquartered in San Francisco and drives premium growth for insurers across all businesses worldwide. For more information, visit or follow @EISGroupLtd on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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