Actually nice vegan ramen

Today we're going to look at vegan ramen. Sipping noodles from a large bowl of lively, aromatic broth is hard to beat, and I wanted to share how great ramen shells can come together relatively easily all year round. Ramen is incredibly versatile and I play quickly and easily with the overall concept. You have the option of adjusting the pasta, tare (spices), broth and toppings. I'll explain a number of ways you can play around below. The goal here is to offer you a great starting point. With this approach, you can inspire it on a weekday based on what you have on hand.

What makes a large vegetarian or vegan ramen?

When I eat out and have a vegetarian or vegan ramen on the menu, I order it. I've had some incredible versions, but overall they can be very salty and pretty oily. This version is not. In fact, part of what I love about making ramen at home is that you can spice up your broth the way you like it. You can really personalize it. This version provides a rich miso-shallot nut milk broth. Finally, present your favorite pasta, a hint of seasonal toppings and spicy turmeric oil.

A really great vegan ramen recipe (and four seasons of ideas)

How to choose your pasta

There are many different types of pasta you can use here. Look for fresh udon or ramen noodles, or have a variety of dried ramen ready at the last minute. Soba noodles work great. I've also used some of the whole wheat pasta, and they're pretty good. The one in the photo is a millet & brown rice ramen.

What is miso tare?

Think of this as a spice paste for your ramen broth. I have inserted a basic recipe here, but please (!) Use it as a starting point. It's okay to adapt with other chopped herbs and spices too. My main advice here – make a large amount of miso tare and have it ready. I keep some in the fridge and the mass is portioned in the freezer. This is the secret to fast ramen during the week. If you avoid soy, use a chickpea miso.

The importance of the big broth

You want to get the broth right. My favorite broth is a mix of homemade cashew milk and almond milk. It has a nice body and taste and handles the noodles well. That said, there are many nights when I feel lazy and I just grab for the almond milk that's in the fridge. Still tasty.

The secret turmeric weapon

This is another component that you can have on hand. Both in the fridge and in the freezer. If you've got everything else you need to prepare a ram bowl but don't have any spice oil – cheat something spicy from the spices in your fridge with a dash, or stir some chopped chilli flakes into a little oil over mild heat. and use that as a last drizzle or to throw the raw vegetables.

Keep your vegan ramen seasonal

The ramen pictured are a late summer version, but part of the fun here is the customization throughout the year. Throw quickly boiling vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower into the pasta water and let everything drain together. It is not necessary to start an additional pot.

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