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Weight Loss: Greek yogurt is a healthy substitute for creamy cheese and dips.


  • Greek yogurt or curd cheese is high in calcium and protein
  • The creamy ingredient can be used in a number of different ways
  • Here are some easy ways to swap it out for other ingredients

We know the benefits of eating cottage cheese. A great source of calcium loaded with probiotics, cottage cheese, or yogurt is a must every day. Greek yogurt, also known as curd, is basically curd without whey water. The thick, creamy wonder can definitely make a healthy addition to your daily diet. even more so if you swap it with the usual cheese or butter in different dishes. Greek yogurt is easy to make, straightforward, and the resulting dish is guilt free, low in calories, and fortified with good health.

Here are 5 ways to swap Greek yogurt or hung curd for a healthy diet:

1. As a sandwich or burger spread

Sandwiches and burgers are classic recipes, but we inevitably burn up calories filling them up with cheese or butter. How about a wholesome quark spread instead? Click here for a bean burger with curd spread recipe.

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Hung quark can provide a healthy bath or distribute burgers.

2. Thicken smoothies or sauces

A creamy sauce or thick smoothie has something so delicious that cannot be replaced. But what if we told you that using Greek yogurt would have exactly the same effect, even without the guilt. Add hanging curd to thicken smoothies or sauces to your taste.

3. As a salad dressing

Mayonnaise or various types of cheese are often used to make salad dressings. However, these make salads a high-calorie proposition that ideally they shouldn't be. Use a fresh batch of cottage cheese to make a low-fat dip with a high protein content and a good amount of calcium.

4. As a muesli parfait

For those who can't do without their desserts, here is a delicious parfait recipe that you can make with zero refined sugar, healthy Greek yogurt, and lots of fresh fruits and berries. Click here for the full recipe.

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nilqgotg Make a healthy and refreshing parfait with hung cottage cheese.

5. To make healthy cheesecake


Why stop at one when it comes to desserts? Replace the cream cheese in your cheesecake recipes with healthy and refreshing curd cheese. You will be surprised how good the results are. Click here for a strawberry cheesecake recipe.

With Greek yogurt, the possibilities for innovation are endless. Try these interesting ideas to include in your diet instead of the store-bought ingredients for a healthier lifestyle.

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