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5 Little Issues To Do Each Day This Week To Lose Weight Shortly

Are you skeptical when you read a magazine article or listen to an obesity expert on TV who claims that if you do “just one thing” you can lose weight quickly and be slim forever?

It's always a good idea to be skeptical of claims about rapid weight loss, but in this case, science says that this could be true.

A 2008 study by the East Carolina University Institute of Psychology found that people who made a small, preferably permanent, change in their eating habits or physical activity – such as drinking a less-sweetened iced tea or adding 10 minutes to theirs daily walk – losing four times more weight and twice as much belly fat as people who followed traditional low-calorie diets and exercise guidelines.

Researchers call this the "small changes approach". The key is doing something new, something you haven't done yet. And instead of trying to make half a dozen big changes, focus on making a few small changes at once. This can be just enough to speed up your weight loss and give you the time it takes to make your brand new lifestyle choice a habit.

Are you looking for small, smart ideas to get quick results in losing weight? Try these:

1. Reduce the goodies … a little at a time.

Nutrisystem encourages you to enjoy your favorites in moderation, but high-fat, sweet, or savory foods still pile up the calories. If you eat one every day, skip a day until you have no more than two or three treats a week.

Or try swapping your favorite pleasures with healthier versions like one of these Top Nutrisystem Sweet Treats or one of them 17 desserts under 200 calories… you will get the sweet solution you are looking for without the consequences of the diet.

2. Add a few more vegetables.

Vegetables quick weight loss

You should eat four or more servings a day Nutrisystem program, but the non-starchy ones like broccoli and green beans are unlimited! Add a serving or two as you can fill up as many servings as you want. In addition to vitamins, minerals and useful plant chemicals, vegetables are full of fiber so that you can stay full for longer and reduce your need for goodies more easily.

t a great vegetarian? Check out this helpful article Losing weight tips on how to sneak them in … without realizing it!

3. Go a little further.

quick weight loss exercise

If you have been sedentary, work your way up to 30 minutes of physical activity a week. Then go one step further. Add another five minutes every week (or two) until you do 60 minutes a day. In the small change study, participants lost weight by increasing their activity by a few minutes a day. You can take another step.

Just read them through 10 safety rules for hikers before you set off And if you're not a fan of hammering plasters, be sure to check out ours Fitness area for all kinds of activity tips and ideas (for every fitness level!).

4. Work on your heart muscle.

Heart faster weight loss

While we encourage athletes to do both cardio and strength training, you should choose cardio if you are on time and can choose between cardio and weight lifting, Duke University researchers said in their 2012 study, in which the two activities in a group of 119 volunteers. The cardio trainers were more likely to lose weight than those who did weight training.

Do you need cardio ideas? Try this out 9 body lifting exercises Be sure to strengthen yourself as you lose weight!

5. Log it.

NuMi best diet plan fast weight loss food diary

According to a long-term weight control study by Kaiser Permanente, keeping a food diary can double your weight loss. If you don't follow your food intake NuMiw it's time to launch Nutrisystem's easy-to-use tracker. A food diary can help you identify where you may be off course and keep an eye on your eating habits.

Find out more about NuMi here

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