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There are so many reasons one could be on a diet. Weight loss is of course a primary concern for many, but it doesn't have to be the only reason you're trying to change things. Health should always come first, and good nutrition can go a long way in improving your everyday life, both physically and mentally. Sometimes it can even be important to improve your health.

If you are prone to high blood pressure, the DASH diet is one diet that might pique your interest. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. So you know right away that it's not just about losing size. It's about taking care of yourself – weight loss can come with that. But how do you actually take the DASH diet? This is where om comes in.

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om is an app-driven health and wellness program where each person's plan is designed specifically for them. The future of health is here and it's personalized people! While om can help you track your steps and your food, and keep track of your goals, you can also get personal assistance from a goal specialist who can guide you through the DASH diet (or any other type). !

The biggest change you will make when you start out on the DASH diet is lowering your sodium intake. Removing salt from the foods you love can sound scary and boring, but when you have om there are lots of recipes to try while your target specialist may help you choose other ingredients to spice up your food such as herbs, Vinegar or peel. They can help you create your grocery list to adequately store your pantry with healthy snacks. You want to save sugary treats for rarer occasions, but you'll soon find out that you won't miss them!

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The DASH diet allows you to adjust to a less processed lifestyle to get a little more into the essentials. Less frozen food, more fresh fruit and vegetables. You could opt for low-fat dairy products and shop specifically for lean proteins and whole grains. You'll soon find that ordering from a restaurant can get a little tricky, but don't worry – om can help you, whether it gives you tips on how to order or reminds you to drink plenty of water to flush out the excess sodium!

With om by your side (and on your phone), transitioning to the DASH diet may be easier than you think. But what if you actually need to try something new or just want to try something different? problem. Your goal specialist will help you find a plan that is best for both your health and your goals. Plus, you have a whole community of other noomers to cheer on!

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