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High Protein Diet: This soy uttapam is a must have for a healthy bite.


  • A high protein diet is great for overall health and weight loss
  • This soy uttapam is the perfect way to include protein in your diet
  • Check out this healthy and interesting Uttapam recipe

South Indian food has its own fan base that spans continents, ages, and even meal times. Soft, fluffy idlis with hot sambhar make for a delicious breakfast every time. Appe or Paniyaram can make for a tasty and healthy snack at any time of the day. Uttapam is also a hot favorite with children and adults. This soy uttapam is a hearty and healthy dish that you can enjoy whenever you feel hungry.

Soy is a well-known source of protein, especially in the vegetarian diet. Soy granules and chunks are often found in a number of vegetarian recipes. However, this soy uttapam recipe uses soy flakes in the batter itself – which adds good protein to the entire dish. Other than that, the recipe uses a simple rice flour and sooji batter, which makes the uttapam chewy and crispy. Using buttermilk in the recipe for soy uttapam is important in giving soy uttapam an interesting perk. A number of interesting spices are also used to make the Uttapam dough tasty and delicious!

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How To Make Soy Uttapam | Easy Soy Uttapam Recipe for a High Protein Diet

Start the recipe for soy uttapam by making the tadka for the batter. Fry spices like mustard and a pinch of urad and chana dal. w add the soy flakes and let the temperature boil. Once the mixture has cooled, add rice flour, sooji and buttermilk and some water if needed. Let the dough rest for half an hour. Your soy uttapam batter is ready! Heat a tawa and spread the batter together with the diced vegetables. Cook both sides until golden brown and serve hot and fresh!

So next time you have hunger pangs – try this healthy and appetizing soy uttapam. You will be able to do it again very soon! Click here for the full recipe of Soya Uttapam.

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