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After breaking up with Colt Johnson, Brazilian-born mother Larissa Dos Santos Lima experienced one of the greatest physical changes in the fiancé's 90-day history.

In addition to weight loss, liposuction, tummy tuck, botox, fillers, and cheek and chin implants, Larissa had a Brazilian butt lift and nose job. Her friend Eric Nichols, with whom she recently moved to Colorado Springs, assisted her with every operation – even as a caretaker while she recovered.

The 34-year-old OnlyFans model and influencer, recently fired from TLC for her legal but controversial involvement in adult sites like CamSoda, is perhaps now best known for her rather extreme breast implants. Larissa decided on Dr. Lane Smith from Las Vegas for high-quality 700 cc round silicone implants.

The 90-day fiancée recently shared the results of her cosmetic procedures on social media. Fans have had mixed reactions, from concern to praise for her glamorous new look.

Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy / Getty Images for Crazy Horse 3

Larissa recently shared photos of her plastic surgery results after she was fired from TLC

Larissa's trip to plastic surgery became a focus of her story and social media presence during the final season of TLC's 90-Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

After the broadcast of the season, Larissa proudly showed the results of her cosmetic procedures on Instagram.

Colt's ex-wife has also used social media to promote her new ventures, including live appearances on the webcam website CamSoda, a popular OnlyFans account, erotic modeling, and even appearances on a magic show with one in Las Vegas and the Bay Area resident magician Jack Alexander. It is clear that after finishing her TLC career, Larissa decided (tentatively) to use her existing platform to make a name for herself.

She recently posted sexy photos of herself (and her new assets), from lingerie and skimpy exercise equipment to bikinis and broncos machines (with no bottoms). Larissa even showed off her bare bum while hiking in her new home state of Colorado.

She also kept fans updated on her plastic surgery journey and gave a glimpse of any changes. Larissa told curious followers that, for example, her breast implants hurt the worst of all her surgeries, and her tummy tuck requires a daily cardio routine to maintain her results.

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The new look of the 90-day-fiance star was praised by many followers

Larissa's recent social media explosion has earned her praise and compliments from many 90-day fiancé fans – and even from some of her castmates, from Kalani Faagata and Anfisa Nava to Colt's youngest ex-girlfriend, Jess Caroline.

Fans immediately got involved to marvel at Larissa's breast implant results and the total overhaul. They called her "gorgeous" and "gorgeous" and told her she looked like a Kardashian. Others referred to Larissa as "body goals" and wanted to contact the surgeon who made her implants.

"If I looked as good as you, I would show it off," marveled one Instagram user.

"The girls look amazing!" another wrote.

"Move over Pao, Larissa is the hottest 90-day castmate," quipped another (referring to Paola Mayfield).

Meanwhile, around 90-day fiancés were frustrated that Larissa would no longer be seen on TLC. Nevertheless, they assured her that – especially with her new full body makeover – she didn't have to worry about continuing her new career as an influencer.

Larissa's plastic surgery in particular drew the attention of fans who thought she was happier than ever and more confident in her skin.

"You were beautiful before and you are beautiful now," commented one such supporter. "The difference is that the surgeries made you feel more confident and you are now radiating it."

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Some fans urged Larissa to stop doing cosmetic work

While Larissa's transformation has earned her a lot of support and praise, some 90-day fiancé fans thought Colt's ex-wife was going too far. Some critics accused Larissa of having no "dignity" or "self-respect", especially as a mother, because she likes to model naked and sometimes naked.

Others warned Larissa not to look "fake" or spurious if she continued to undergo additional plastic surgery.

"If you change your body, it doesn't mean who you are, how God created you, the real you is," argued a critic on Instagram.

"t classy, ​​looks cheap, and you could do better," insisted another.

But many of Larissa's followers defended themselves against negative comments, even suggesting that critics might be "jealous" of her new look.

"Why so many judgments?" asked a supporter. "She's beautiful and makes money while she's young and pretty. Leave her or just leave her side."

Anyway, it is clear that Larissa herself is very pleased with the results of her glow – and at least for now excited to take care of her as best she can.

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