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This aloe vera juice with lemon and honey can work wonders for weight reduction – NDTV Meals

One can simply extract the aloe vera gel from the plant.


  • Aloe Vera is a powerhouse of nutrients
  • It can aid digestion, support weight, and boost immunity
  • Here is an aloe vera juice with lemon and honey that you can try

There are many valuable ingredients in our nature that offer wonderful health benefits. One such example is aloe vera (ghritkumari). Since the bright green, succulent plant found value and mention by health and beauty experts in Ayurveda, it has taken over gardens and window shelves in many homes around the world. wonder that tons of gels, creams and juices are made with the wonderful plant.

But did you know that there are amazing benefits to using aloe vera for the skin, but also some of the health benefits of consuming aloe vera ?! The nutritiously dense plant has myriad benefits enough to find ways to incorporate it into our diet. One of the most important aloe vera benefits is that it can help you lose weight too! t only is aloe vera loaded with vitamins and minerals, it also contains certain active ingredients that can help you shed a few pounds. It is also known to increase metabolism, which helps burn more body fat, which helps in weight loss. Its laxative properties aid digestion when consumed in small amounts, which can also lead to weight loss.

There are many ways to consume aloe vera. However, it must be consumed in small amounts and avoided by pregnant women and those with frequent abdominal discomfort and problems such as diarrhea or loose movements. Aloe vera juice is one of the most popular ways to take advantage of the plant's many benefits. t only is it easy, but it is also known to boost the body's immunity. The wide range of antioxidants found in aloe vera also helps fight cell damage caused by free radicals and boosts your immunity.

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Aloe vera needs to be consumed in small amounts.

You can simply buy a pack of aloe vera juice from the market or extract the aloe vera gel from the plant. It may be bitter in taste, but you can always add a teaspoon of honey for flavor. Here we have a quick and easy aloe vera juice recipe with the goodness of lemon and honey that can help you shed a few pounds and boost your immunity!


. Aloe Vera Gel- 2 tsp

. Lemon-1 (juiced)

. Honey-1 tsp

. Mint leaves (chopped) – 5-6


. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients well until smooth and serve.


As many health experts say, you can even combine aloe vera with other healthy herbs like giloy, amla, or tulsi for more health benefits. Be careful not to ingest too much aloe vera as it can cause side effects.

Try this aloe vera, lemon and honey juice every morning for weight loss on an empty stomach. Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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