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Phillip Schofield's This Morning Colleague "feared he was going to die" after weight reduction – Mirror On-line

Phillip Schofield has spoken about the months leading up to his release and how his dramatic weight loss caused concern among those he worked with.

The 58-year-old host of This Morning announced he was gay with co-host Holly Willoughby during an emotional moment back in February.

He has now revealed that in the run-up to that moment, fears for his health increased and some feared that he would "die".

Phillip has said that at the time he was dealing with internal turmoil as he was trying to get a grip on his sexuality, the toll from that was starting to show in his lean body.

Phillip spoke on Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast about how those who had worked with him that morning feared the worst.

Phillip Schofield revealed that his colleagues thought he was going to die

He said, “I was exhausted that no one but Holly knew. All the people I've worked with just thought I was really sick. I lost weight, was thin, and stared in the mirror.

“It was other people's concerns that were a little unsettling. I couldn't be fun and cozy, I was just calm. "

Phillip said his co-workers were frank with him when he finally explained why he was "out of line" during that time.

He continued, “They all said, 'Is that all ?! Oh thank god I thought you were dying! "

Phillip Schofield with Holly Willoughby when he comes out gay that morning

Fearne described Philip's autobiography "Life & # 39; s What You Make It" as "incredibly honest and brave" while describing the agony he went through while being married to Stephanie Lowe, 56, while resigning himself to that he's gay.

Phillip married Stephanie in 1993 and they have two daughters, Ruby, 24 and Molly, 27. These three are his priorities in life.

The TV host continued, “All I care about is the people I love – Steph and the girls.

"Do I know who I am? , I'm still pretty confused. It's clearer because I've been very honest and have known this about myself for a while.

“My head is just as muddy as it was before. People have said I will have my best life now. I don't know what that means – I thought it was me. "

Phillip Schofield with his wife Stephanie Lowe

When Phillip spoke about coming out, he said he was aware of his family's feelings before making the public announcement.

He said, “I've always been very careful with the girls. Never have I ever done anything on TV that would embarrass them until they were old enough and we could laugh about it.

"All of a sudden you're doing this public thing and you can't do it alone. You have to take your family with you.

"The girls are so lucky to have the best of friends. They are so sweet and supportive."

Phillip added that it was his wife who he felt the most when sharing his feelings about his sexuality.

He added, "Of course I'm worried about Steph. It's an overarching factor. We all talk a lot about what's important. It's a weird thing to go through as a couple and as an individual."

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