RHOBH: Consultants Warn Teddi's All-In Food regimen Program May Be Harmful – Display screen Rant

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans learned that experts have warned Teddi Mellencamp's all-in diet program could be dangerous.

The real housewives of Beverly Hills Experts warn that Teddi Mellencamp's all-in diet program could be very dangerous. The mother of three is sticking to her business and denying all allegations.

Bravo fans recently learned that Teddi, who many thought was boring, had been fired from the show and would not be returning for the new season. Teddi revealed in an Instagram post that she and the network had not parted ways by mutual agreement, but in the end she was okay with the decision. While some viewers felt they weren't bringing anything to the show, others argued that this entire season was about spilling the tea.

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For the past few weeks, Teddi's diet and business have been called into question. Page 6 reported that many of their clients came up to talk about how terrible the program really was claiming they could only burn 500 calories a day. While the owner denies these claims, the news was a cause for concern among fans.

According to the point of sale, the women who bravely volunteered just wanted to lose a little weight. The accountability program, however, turned out to be more than expected. The only accuser willing to be named, Stephanie Langlitz, told the newspaper that the program caused her "deep physical and emotional pain". Langlitz announced that she completed the 2017 program and said it was "humiliating" and "very isolating". Many of the participants have also claimed that their trainers did not offer them help when they were in pain due to the extreme eating restrictions and harsh exercises. The outlet also spoke to nutritionists and personal trainers who believed the program could be very dangerous if the allegations were found to be true. Nutritionist Harley Pasternak made a great comparison by saying, "If I want to have knee orthopedic surgery, I'm not going to get Kanye West to do it." This basically means that just because Teddi's plan worked for her, she doesn't have the qualifications to tell others that it's good for them.

All In was created to empower everyone to be their best selves. But many consider it a buyer caution situation. The program itself has four tiers that start with a two-week jump-start program that costs $ 599 and offers no-refunds. Former customers also stated that there were no personalized meal plans and only 500 to 1,000 were allowed to eat. t to mention an hour of cardio every day. The worst seemed to be when clients didn't provide pictures which they were often reprimanded by their trainers. Fans hope these allegations will be properly addressed The real housewives of Beverly Hills Star soon.

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Source: page six

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