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A new range of iPhones has appeared and not only offers new functions, but also a new design. Does this mean that old cases won't fit the new iPhone?

The change is clearly underway, and this year the iPhone looks very different from the iPhones of previous years.

While the new iPhone 12 line comes with a whole slew of new features, one of the most obvious is the design, with the overall design language changing.

Gone are the soft, curvy edges of the iPhone X, XR, XS, 11 and 11 Pro and even the models before that in the iPhone 6 through 8. w you will find a flat edge that is more in line with what Apple offered in the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, and the original iPhone SE as Apple shifts to the style you'll find in the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

It's a pretty solid difference, but it could mean that old cases are incompatible. Buying a new iPhone will likely put you on your way to buying a new case too. But let's be sure.

Can the iPhone 12 fit in an iPhone 11 case?

While they are clearly different phones, both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have similar screen sizes and now the iPhone 12 Pro with them.

Like the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR before, the iPhone 12 comes with a 6.1-inch screen, albeit in a new design. However, this new design is very different and that means you cannot customize it.

The iPhone 12 in an iPhone 11 case

This isn't like the iPhone 11 would fit in an iPhone XR case – which worked but had problems – or an iPhone XR would fit in an iPhone 11 – which was better thanks to the camera differences. Rather, it is a completely different design and in most cases an iPhone 12 cannot be fitted.

The buttons are not aligned when using an iPhone 12 in an iPhone 11 case.

The fit is just too loose and doesn't fit at all. The buttons are not placed correctly and the camera window does not fit at all.

We found a case that was approaching: Apple's iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case matched the iPhone 12 and hugged the case a little more than others.

Try putting an iPhone 11 into an iPhone 12 case and it will happen.

The battery side doesn't work, however, and while we were able to match the iPhone 11 battery bay to the iPhone 12, the buttons and side switch were not properly aligned, making the case not work exactly with the iPhone. even if it somehow fits.

Simply put, no, an iPhone 12 won't fit in an iPhone 11 case.

So what about the other way: is it possible to fit an iPhone 11 into an iPhone 12 case?

You may be able to fit an iPhone 12 into some iPhone 11 cases, it just won't be pretty.You may be able to fit an iPhone 12 into some iPhone 11 cases. It just won't be nice. The battery is not charged through the Lightning connector.

Can the iPhone 11 fit in an iPhone 12 case?

Going the other way creates a similar problem as the design language is still very different between models.

The iPhone 12 is flat-edged while the iPhone 11 is curvy, which means the two are not compatible. But that's not even the biggest problem between them: the iPhone 11 is bigger.

Try putting an iPhone 11 into an iPhone 12 case and it will happen.

If you try to slip the iPhone 11 into an iPhone 12 case, the size of the iPhone 12 case will bend, warp, and crease.

It just won't happen folks.

What should you do when you want a case on your iPhone 12?

The flat edge of an iPhone 12 versus the curvy case design used in an iPhone 11 case.

If you want some protection for your iPhone 12, the best thing to do is to buy a new case made specifically for it.

An old iPhone 11 case won't work. So you have to look for something new. That's all there is to it.

Same goes for an iPhone 12 Pro, which uses the same design and screen size as the iPhone 12. When you buy either the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 Pro, you essentially have to buy a case for either of the two. An iPhone 12 case will fit an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone 12 Pro case will fit an iPhone 12, but an iPhone 11 case will not fit either. That's all there is.

If you own an iPhone 11 and are buying a new case, don't buy an iPhone 12 case because you think it will fit your iPhone 11. At all.

An iPhone 11 next to iPhone 12 cases.Don't buy an iPhone 12 case for an iPhone 11. It won't work.

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