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The story of how this new version of "Mulan" reached movie enthusiasts is a little tangled and involved, but it's just another key chapter in the epic story of the "great economic collapse of the cinema industry of 2020".

Originally, "Mulan," a huge $ 200 million Disney Hollywood movie, was a traditional big-time blockbuster, an "event" movie that you and your whole family would pack in your station wagon to catch see witness and be a part of as some kind of small cultural milestone in your life. And settling into your friendly local multiplex with your popcorn, junior mints, twizzlers, and big diet coke on a lovely Friday summer evening should just be one of the key components of all of this.

And then … well what can you do? Sometimes in life COVID happens. And Disney, the studio behind "Mulan," thought it might stand a chance of reclaiming its $ 200 million plus if it radically rethought how it would get people to see its latest big movie.

theaters would get it, and if you wanted to watch it you'd have to subscribe to Disney's own streaming service, Disney Plus, and on top of that, spend $ 29.99 to unlock the website that shows it. It took some confidence and gall to take this risk.

Would the general public do so in sufficient numbers to make "Mulan" a "Succe $$"?

I was wrong and thought the answer to this question would be a resounding "yes" and this model would work great.

As it turned out, I'm sooo glad I was wrong. t only did Disney fail to get the money back, but – with its mercenary, unrealistic expectations (and possible greed?) – it left such a bad feeling in the public eye that it sadly blurred and spoiled most of its critics & # 39; and Cinephiles & # 39; Opinions about the quality and goodness of the actual "Mulan" film itself.

And that's a shame, because despite all the cultural inaccuracies and insensitivities, "Mulan" is a wonderful family film – inspiring, uplifting and even encouraging for young girls and outcasts in general.

It's about a young girl in China in the fifth or sixth century who stands up for her older father, pretends to be a boy / man and fights with the government army against an evil oppressor who wants to kill the emperor. She is a fierce, incredibly smart and agile fighter and leads her colleagues to an impressive victory.

It took me about a long month to get my pennies together to see it, but I'm very glad I finally did, so right here I can say and know in my heart that "Mulan" is indeed a very good movie is. But … I know it would have been even better if I could have seen it on a big screen in an actual theater instead of my girlfriend's laptop.

But see it anyway when you get a chance and feel motivated to look for it.

I'll be discussing something completely different next week as I dare to answer (and review) the low budget madness of "The Call".

"Mulan" is now playing on all major streaming services (Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and others), not just the Disney Plus service anymore – thank God and Vishnu.

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