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During his fitness hearing in October 2019, Matthew Raymond often railed about the judicial system working against him.

On Thursday, as Raymond's trial for four first degree murder resumed, a member of Raymond's defense team presented court records from his first fitness hearing.

Some videos from the court show Raymond in orange prison robes disheveled, his hair long, his eyes wide, and his finger in the air as he complained about his human rights violation. He was eventually found unable to stand trial and given medication against his will.

Matthew Raymond was tried on September 6, 2019 over his suitability for trial. (CBC)

Raymond, 50, has admitted to shooting Donnie Robichaud and Bobbie Lee Wright, then Fredericton cops Sara Burns and Robb Costello, when responding to a gunshot shouted on August 10, 2018 at 237 Brookside Dr. was fired. He pleaded not guilty to the defense team arguing that he is not criminally responsible for mental illness.

Scream, sing when no one could hear

Raymond's suitability to stand trial has been an issue since his prosecution began. Alex Pate testified on Thursday that Raymond fired Nathan Gorham as his attorney in the summer of 2018 and received another attorney – Alison Ménard. But he fired her and asked to bring Gorham back in the summer of 2019.

Godfather testified after Gorham was brought back to the case, and Raymond was initially happy. But the relationship between them deteriorated when Gorham asked for a fitness hearing in the fall of 2019. At one point, Raymond said Gorham should "step in front of the firing range," Pate said.

Godfather testified that the judge who was on the case at the time set up a room in the courthouse where Raymond was held before Raymond was found incapable and medical for not stopping to interrupt the trial.

Victims of the shooting from left to right: Constables Robb Costello (45) and Sara Burns (43), Donnie Robichaud (42) and Bobbie Lee Wright (32).

Raymond could see and hear what was going on in court, but the people in court could only see and not hear him. That didn't stop him from shouting that someone was hired in prison to kill him, that he would have everyone arrested, including the judge, and that the prison staff were giving him spoiled food. In a recording made on October 3, 2019, Raymond vocalizes in parts of American Pie, The Gambler and There is a Tear in My Beer.

During the fitness hearing, the judge brought him in at the beginning of each court day to see if he would settle down and be quiet, but Raymond screamed and swore until the judge asked the sheriffs to take him to the other room.

In cross-examination, District Attorney Claude Hache asked Pate if Raymond did this at every trial. Godfather said no, sometimes he was "subject". Hache plays a video in which Raymond corrects the judge about the type of camera a video was shot on but does not scream.

A shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle were entered as evidence on Tuesday. The Crown and Defense have agreed that Raymond killed four people with the rifle on August 10, 2018. (Hadeel Ibrahim / CBC)

Court previously heard that Raymond had watched hundreds of conspiracy theory videos, one from a conspiracy theorist on YouTube who identifies himself as Rob Lee. During cross-examination, Godfather testifies that Rob Lee never incites or promotes violence or kills people in these videos.

Court had expected to hear from Raymond's mother, Shirley Raymond, on Thursday, but that has been postponed as Father's testimony took longer than expected.

A shift in 2017

On Wednesday, the defense called Raymond's sister Patricia and her husband Geoffrey. Your surnames and photos are prohibited from being published by Judge Larry Landry.

The two testified that Raymond changed in March 2017. Geoffrey said he started talking about conspiracy theories and how flat the earth is and space doesn't exist. Geoffrey said they thought about providing mental support to Raymond a month before the shooting, but he said he didn't have time. They said they never expected him to shoot and kill four people.

The Crown and Defense have agreed that Raymond had a mental illness at the time of the shooting. Dr. Ralph Holly testified on Friday that he had diagnosed Raymond with schizophrenia.

The agreement means that the jury's defense, taking into account balanced probabilities, must demonstrate that Raymond's mental illness either prevented him from knowing the nature and consequences of his actions or from knowing what he did in order to obtain a non-guilty verdict to get wrong.

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