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Diabetes: Neem leaves are said to contain compounds that can help control blood sugar levels.


  • Diabetes can be treated through certain lifestyle and diet changes
  • There are many herbs and spices in nature that can help in treating diabetes
  • Here is a recipe for neem and giloy juice to try

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that affects many. The WHO estimates that 1.6 million deaths worldwide are directly attributed to diabetes each year. The WHO has also claimed that diabetes would be the seventh largest killer in the world by 2030. Diabetes is an irreversible disease that is characterized by high blood sugar levels. One can easily manage and maintain blood sugar levels by following a balanced diet and lifestyle. Many health professionals have emphasized the need to eat small meals at regular intervals to avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar. Your meals should be nutritious, full of antioxidants and fiber, while sugary foods, drinks and trans fats should be out of bounds for diabetics.

In addition to taking all precautionary measures, there are many medicinal herbs and spices found in nature that can play an essential role in the treatment of diabetes. For example, neem is one such herb that has gained popularity in the treatment of various health conditions, including diabetes. Almost all parts of the neem tree have always been an integral part of Indian and Chinese medicine and are traditionally used to treat a variety of ailments. be it inflammation, infection, fever, skin disease or dental disease. Neem leaves are said to be full of triterpenoid, flavonoids, antiviral compounds, and glycosides that can help control blood sugar levels and make sure glucose spikes don't occur.

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Almost all parts of the neem tree have traditionally been used to tackle a wide variety of conditions.

According to the journal Studies on Ethno-Medicine, neem leaf powder has been found to control diabetic symptoms even in non-insulin dependent male diabetics. As many experts say, you can just chew a handful of neem leaves, but before doing so, you still need to consult your diabetologist as overeating neem leaves can have hypoglycemic effects.

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Another wonderful natural product is Giloy, an Ayurvedic herb that literally means "the root of immortality" due to its rich medicinal properties. According to Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja of Fortis Hospital acts Giloy as a hypoglycemic agent that can help treat type 2 diabetes. He adds that giloy juice also helps lower high blood sugar levels.

Here we have a combination of wonderful ingredients – neem and giloy – that can work wonders to help control blood sugar levels.


. Neem leaves (cooked) – 10-15

. Dry Giloy powder – 1 tbsp

. Ginger (grated) – 1/2 inch

. Mint Leaves- 10

. Salt-2 tsp

. Black pepper – 2 tsp


1. Put the cooked neem leaves and giloy powder in a blender along with the remaining ingredients.

2. Mix well until everything is smooth. Serve.

Diabetes management is not an easy task, but with a few healthy decisions you can make sure your blood sugar levels do not rise significantly. Although the products of this nature have healing properties, one should consult a physician before adding or changing a diabetic diet.


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