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The last few months have shown that movement, space and human interaction are things that make us really happy. For parents of energetic kids, My Gym is one of the most popular kids' fitness centers in Hoboken, offering a variety of classes for the little runners, jumpers, and cups in town. The room at 720 Monroe Street in Hoboken offers exercise classes and strengthening the body and mind during after-school programs. w parents can take a break with the new 3-hour drop-off courses. Owned and operated by a local family, My Hoboken Gym is now offering a special membership offer for Hoboken Girl readers. Read on for more information about My Gym.

Hoboken Girl readers are now getting $ 50 off when they sign up for courses with code HGKIDS.

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Where everything began

The idea of ​​opening a My Gym location in Hoboken came to owners Alvaro Pérez and Tatiana Vega when they couldn't find a program in the area that would keep their daughter Victoria active and engaged, as they had hoped for in 2010 after Alvaro + Having traveled to several nearby cities, Tatiana fell in love with My Gym and how its program helps children develop physically, cognitively and emotionally.

They took advantage of their careers and decided to make the dream of owning a fitness center for children a reality. In 2011 they signed a lease on Monroe Street. My Hoboken gym opened its doors in January 2012 when their second daughter, Isabel, was a newborn baby. Alvaro's background as a professional basketball coach in Spain and a Masters degree in team sports as well as Tatiana's career in business sales and marketing management have made My Gym part of the Hoboken community. Most of all, the couple wanted a place where their daughters could thrive alongside other children in the neighborhood.

Their love for children and their passion to extend this children's program to as many families as possible led them to open up My Jersey City gym and My Gym River Road Years later, her goal is to continue to create an environment in which children feel loved and supported as they develop new life skills.

My gym Hoboken Children's Fitness

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Alvaro is still excited about what they have created at their My Gym locations.

“I have the best job in the world! Every day I see a parade of smiling faces when the kids come in. Their little eyes light up when they come to my gym for class. We are your favorite place! It gives me pleasure to see that the more flexible they become, and that physical activity is now part of their life routine, not an afterthought. They will grow up to be happier, healthier people, and we did a little bit of helping get them there. "

Alvaro and Tatiana work at all three locations and can be seen together with their daughters Victoria {12}, Isabel {9} and Alejandra {3}. They take courses and ensure that customers always have a pleasant experience.

Ways to play

In the uncertain times of COVID-19, the owners of My Gym went out of their way to develop programs that meet the needs of all ages. In doing so, they followed CDC guidelines and social distancing mandates to keep the participating families calm. Here are some current offers:

Play inside

Classes are available for children aged 6 weeks to 10 years. Membership includes 1 class per child per week + private bonus game date. Hoboken Girl Readers Get $ 50 Off Membership With Code HGKIDS. Try it out before you sign up with a free one Trial lesson. Classes available include classes for Mom and Me from Tiny Tykes to Terrific Tots for the youngest students. Private play date for those who want solo play time; Powerful mites to improve flexibility and gaming skills; Pre-gymnastics and gymnastics for children who want to face age-appropriate fall challenges.

My gym Hoboken Children's Fitness

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Play outdoors

My fun gym classes come out right behind the Monroe Center! This outdoor environment allows the staff to offer a great program while maintaining the social distancing requirements. It's the same My Gym fun in a fresh, outdoor setting. Just book your drop-in course in advance as space is limited. Look at the whole thing Outdoor schedule here for more details.

My gym Hoboken Children's Fitness

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Play + learn

My Gym is here to help make that unique return to school by offering a brand new program: STEAM Learn + Play. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – and this program combines the best of the games, relays, and physical fun of My Gym with the project-based learning of STEAM. Kids will love exploring under the ocean, the Jurassic Period, anything frozen and more as the themes change weekly to keep every student busy.

This 3-hour drop-off program is specially designed for children ages 3 to 10 and is suitable for any family who wants to complement their child's education in a fun, engaging and experiential learning environment. Space in this particular dispensing program is extremely limited. Contact for more information!

My gym Hoboken Children's Fitness

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Play at home

My gym can come now Your Backyard! Private mobile courses include a 45-minute course for up to 5 family members or friends aged 7 months to 10 years. This program provides children with an engaging class while maintaining social distancing requirements. You can choose where and when, but it's guaranteed to be the same My Gym fun.

Play + celebrate

Host an outdoor My Gym birthday party (up to 20 kids) and they'll bring the party to you. Parties that take place during the week offer a 1-hour time slot on Saturday and Sunday upon request. A $ 100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a party. The balance is due on the day of the party (cash or checks only). For more information or to Book your outdoor party, Call or text 201-758-8390 or E-mail My gym today.

Members $ 250, non-members $ 300

My gym Hoboken Children's Fitness

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Celebrate Halloween on October 23rd

This Halloween is going to look a little different, and My Gym knows that – so they're hosting an indoor one and Outdoor Halloween party with COVID-19 regulations and safety precautions. Dress up in your favorite costume and enjoy the not-too-scary atmosphere at MyGyms Halloween parties with Halloween-themed songs, games, a costume parade and fantastic fun.

The indoor Halloween party

One adult per child is admitted on Friday, October 23rd. Children up to 3 years can participate at 4:30 p.m., children up to 3 years at 5:30 p.m. and all age groups are welcome from 6:30 p.m.

Members: $ 25 per child, n-members: $ 30 per child

The Halloween outdoor party

The party will take place on Saturday, October 24th, on the lawn at 7th Street and Jackson Street. The party is suitable for all ages and starts at 3:00 p.m. The festivities on Sunday October 25th will start at 10:00 AM. Ghouls and goblins of all ages are welcome.

Members: US $ 20 per child, n-members: US $ 25 per child

My gym Hoboken Children's Fitness

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How to join

Sign up for a membership, register for courses, or schedule a trial lesson on their website and follow them on Instagram @mygymhoboken for schedule changes, holiday times, and pictures of the youngest My Gym fans in Hoboken. Indoor classes are held at 720 Monroe Suite 312 in Hoboken. Contact for more information!

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