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Like many people in real life, Gilmore Girls characters can be paired with Halloween candy, especially thanks to some clever lines in episodes.

There is technically only one Halloween episode of Gilmore Girls, but pumpkins and fall leaves make up almost half of the series' episodes. The series is known for its fall radiance in the small town of Connecticut. Lorelai and Rory are outfitted for a leisurely lifestyle, including movie night snacks and more frequent meals at Luke & # 39; s Diner.

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Like many people in real life, Gilmore Girls characters can be easily paired with Halloween candy, especially thanks to some smart things they say in certain episodes.

10 LUKE: Kudos

Luke Danes serves donuts, pancakes, sodas, and other delicacies, but he doesn't eat any of them. The owner and cook is a proponent of healthy eating and is quick to share this opinion with Lorelai and Rory. His everyday eating habits suggest he won't indulge himself too much on Halloween, so depending on your perspective, Luke gets a praise, try a healthy candy bar, or a naughty granola bar. His girlfriend has to loosen him up into other sweets.

9 Jess: Red Hots

Thanks to his bad boy image and the steamy pursuit of Rory, Jess Mariano gets red hots. The cinnamon candies express Jess & # 39; s sweet and tangy kind perfectly. He has a rough exterior and a kiss that would clear anyone's sinuses. Luke's worried nephew doesn't waste too much time trick or treating. He knows exactly what he wants – a relationship with Rory.

8th Dean: Sour Patch Kids

Even those who claim to be "Team Dean" might admit the teen can be a sour guy. Rory's first friend became a lot more than that as the show progressed, and he can't get too cute for all his bad deeds.

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Dean is paired with Sour Patch Kids, a cinema delicacy that works the other way around like Dean: it starts sour and then turns sweet.

7th Logan: Ferrero Rocher

Gilmore Girls Logan

Logan Huntzberger is the guy who grew up expecting his candy to be delivered to him on a silver bowl. The heir has his or her moments when they are more normal, but these are rare. If he eats candy on Halloween it will be special. Ferrero Rocher chocolates are spot on, and Rory might even steal some of the hazelnut candies.

6th Richard: Lindt Lindor

Gilmore Girls Richard

Richard Gilmore could also reach for a more expensive candy in a less obnoxious way than Logan. He would have some delicious options if he went with Lindt Lindor truffles. Like the chocolates, Richard may be tough on the outside, but he can show a softness in the heart. Lindt truffles are filled with all kinds of goodness in a multitude of flavors and never disappoint with this melting quality.

5 Emily: Marzipan

, marzipan is not your typical Halloween candy. But it is when you are Emily Gilmore. The polished mom and grandmother often watch their weight, but she quickly shares some marzipan with Lorelai and Rori. The sugary little squares are like a cross between candy and pastry, and Lorelai would rather have just a Toblerone.

4th Sookie: Toblerone

Speaking of Toblerone, there is no better candy for Sookie. In the days of the Dragonfly Inn, the cook secretly hides in one of the inn's rooms while pregnant, and Toblerones sneaks upstairs to enjoy while watching TV. While Sookie often bakes elaborate cakes or other decadent desserts for her job, she knows a good praline when she sees one.

3 RORY: Red Vines Licorice

Rory eats cakes, tarts, pancakes and pop tarts at Gilmore Girls, but what's their best Halloween candy? In addition to typical M & Ms and Hershey bars, Rory has to have liquorice. Her and Lorelai's favorite brand is Red Vines, but Rory will settle for red Twizzlers too.

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This type of candy is a staple for the Gilmore girls. It's not everyone's favorite, but it's a classic that some people love.

2 Lane: Snickers Bar

Everyone knows that teenage Lane Kim doesn't get too much candy. Her mother, Mrs. Kim, has a strict policy against sugar (and french fries). The antique dealer ensures that she and her daughter eat tofu on a regular basis to avoid "the starchy fingers of the devil". When Mrs. Kim discovers Lane with a Snickers bar, Rory covers her and gets the candy. It's also a good thing because Ms. Kim calls the tablet "Chocolate Covered Death."

1 Lorelai: Butterfinger

Gilmore Girls - Lorelai and Rory

Some viewers don't like the fact that Lorelai promotes so much unhealthy food, others think that all of that junk food relates them. If the fun-loving mom could have her ideal Halloween candy, it would be a Butterfingers bar. There's nothing like these layers of chocolate and crispy peanut butter. In the seventh season, after Rory was supposed to go to Asia with Logan, Rory and Lorelai eat dessert sushi. Lorelai shows her devotion to Butterfinger by asking Rory, "You honestly claim you like the Tootsie Roll Marshmallow Twizzler Roll better than the Butterfinger Junior Mint Chocolate Chip Jujube Roll?"

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