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Jeff Bridges Reveals He Has Been Recognized With Lymphoma And Will Start Therapy – msnNOW

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Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges was diagnosed with lymphoma.

The Oscar-winning actor, 70, posted the news on his Twitter account Monday night, writing, "As the guy would say … New S ** T has come to light."

"I was diagnosed with lymphoma," he continued. "Although it is a serious illness, I am fortunate to have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good. I will start treatment and will keep you informed of my recovery."

In a second tweet, the Big Lebowski star wrote: "I am deeply grateful for the love and support from my family and friends. Thank you for your prayers and best wishes. And while I have you, please remember to go to the vote . Because we're all in it together. Http://Vote.org Lots of love, Jeff. "

Lymphoma is cancer that begins in lymphocytes, white blood cells that are part of the body's immune system and are found in the lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, bone marrow, and other parts of the body.

I am deeply grateful for the love and support from my family and friends.

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. And while I have you, please remember to put the vote. Because we're all there together. https://t.co/6sAU4MYixl

Love, Jeff

– Jeff Bridges (@TheJeffBridges) October 20, 2020

Jeff Bridges wears a blue shirt

© Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images
Jeff Bridges

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While Bridges didn't specify what type of lymphoma he was diagnosed with, the main cancer subtypes are Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Some symptoms of lymphoma can include painless swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, or groin. fatigue; Fever; Night sweats; Shortness of breath; Weight loss and itchy skin, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Bridges is starring in the upcoming FX TV series The Old Man. In a joint statement, FX, Touchstone Television, Hulu and FXP responded to the actor's diagnosis with, "Our thoughts go to Jeff and his family at this challenging time, and they have our love and support. We wish him a safe and complete recovery as Jeff always says: "We're all in it together." Jeff, we're all in with you. "

Before announcing his diagnosis, the actor recently spoke to PEOPLE about the secret of his 43-year marriage to wife Susan Bridges, revealing that it was mutual respect.

"We're very different as humans, and we're celebrating that instead of drifting apart," said Bridges of his marriage. "I respect their wisdom and I'm sure the girls will too."

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He added, "I have really been blessed."

The couple, who married in 1977, are the proud parents of three daughters – Isabelle, 39, Jessica, 37, and Hayley, 35 – and grandparents of Grace, 9, and Ben (5).

The actor recently teamed up with daughter Isabelle on a new children's book, Daddy Daughter Day, which she wrote and illustrated. The book is about a father and daughter who go on a series of adventures and is based on Bridges' close bond with his girls.

While Bridges has had an acclaimed career for nearly 50 years – including seven Academy Award nominations and a 2009 win for Crazy Heart – he told PEOPLE that his family was the greatest joy of his life.

"Time goes by so quickly and is so precious," says Bridges. "There is nothing richer than that to spend with people you love."

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