Insurgent Wilson exhibits off his physique in an unbelievable health outfit – HELLO!

October 20, 2020 – 2:24 pm BST

Hannah Hargrave

Rebel Wilson continued to impress fans with the results of her health kick on Monday as she shared a fabulous photo from her workout and her outfit was amazing.

The Pitch Perfect Star showed her recent weight loss with tight active clothing – with a futuristic edge!

The 40-year-old rebel enjoyed a hike in the Hollywood hills and posted a photo and video of her exercise regimen, but she decided to change her fitness equipment a little further.

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The Australian actress rocked shiny, dark blue leggings and a fitted T-shirt, but then hid her face behind a holographic visor.

Rebel wandered through an abandoned zoo in popular Griffith Park and even snapped a picture of himself behind bars in an abandoned animal enclosure!

It's a far cry from the luxury vacation she recently spent with boyfriend Jacob Busch.

The couple enjoyed one Beach vacation to Mexico There they shared photos, relaxed on the beach and also exercised together.

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Rebel Wilson Wandering

Rebel rocked her futuristic gaze

In doing so, Rebel has proven that she is determined to hold on to her "Year of Health" Also plan on vacation.

She has lost more than 40 pounds in the past few months and is just a few pounds off her target weight of 165 pounds.

While she makes her health her priority with workouts and a much healthier dietShe says it's all about balance and finding other ways to treat yourself that don't involve unhealthy foods.

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Rebel rounded off her outfit with a holographic visor

"Remember, even though girls, you still have to indulge yourself," she wrote on an Instagram in October. "I now only do it once or twice a week with food … and take turns replacing bubble baths. "

That's not to say that she still doesn't struggle with temptation.

She told her social media followers: "When I was reaching for the candy after dinner last night, I thought, 'hmmmm … better not' and had a bottle of water instead."

Rebel's determination to improve her health has been a great source of inspiration for her fans, bombarding her with compliments since she began documenting her journey a few months ago.

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