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From feeding the cows to the results of the diet, the two covered everything.

The carnivore diet

Rogan shared, "One of the things I found when I went on full animal nutrition for a month was that my energy levels were really being maintained throughout the day. It was very steady, and I found it very unusual. There wasn't any Difference between me at 11 am versus me at 7 pm. It's been a flat line all day and I can't say that about any other diet I've been on. "

Joe Rogan's Carnivore Diet

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"Especially when I normally eat whatever I want to eat, cheeseburgers, have a bowl of spaghetti. When I do that, there are terrible crashes! The way I feel after eating is so different," the podcast explained -Moderator comparing diet experiences: "The way I felt after eating when I was on the carnivore diet, which I admittedly only did strictly for a month … I really had amazing energy."

A nutritionist's opinion

Rogan had only positive things to say about animal nutrition: "I had more energy to exercise. I had more ambition to do things that were very strange. I thought there was no doubt a physiological change in my body I did too lost a lot of weight, I lost 12 pounds in a month. "

Joe Rogan training

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Dr. Writing down his own memories of Rogan's results, Saladino said he remembered that the carnivore diet improved his vitiligo. He was amazed at the news, and Rogan implied that the spots on his skin were starting to "fill up". Saladino continued to discuss his interest in the meat-based diet to study the effects of plant toxins on the human body.

Using the negative effects of gluten on the small intestine as an example, he asked if this case suggests a larger scale. We are not suggesting that the public cut plants out of their diet and rely solely on meat. To be honest, that doesn't sound too appetizing. Dr. However, Saladino's studies play with the interesting discoveries that agribusiness is adopting.

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