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If you are trying to lose weight then you already know that there are countless programs to choose from and around the clock diet fads. Hence, figuring out which plan is best for you can be quite difficult. But tons of dieters are planning two very popular plans in particular: om versus WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

While WW has been around for over 50 years and touted by celebs like Oprah and Kate Hudson, om is relatively fresh on the scene at just over 10 years old. Despite being legacy or newbie, the programs have one major advantage: "Both are based on the no-food-prohibited principle," explains New York-based nutritionist Samantha Cassetty, RD. "They both aim to guide you towards healthier foods, but are also flexible about including the foods you like."

How do you choose the diet plan that's right for you? Read on to learn more about the difference between om and Weight Watchers, and what program dieters think of for more effective weight loss.

What is WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers)?

What is it: WW remains one of the most popular weight loss programs in the world and has been ranked fourth best overall diet by the US news. WW uses a points system and community network to increase accountability and ultimately help you achieve your weight loss goals.

How it works: When you sign up, take a rating to answer questions about your eating habits, food preferences, lifestyle, and activity level. From there you will be assigned a program by color (blue, green or purple) and you will receive a personalized amount of SmartPoints that you can use to track and monitor food intake.

Each food and drink is assigned a score based on its nutritional content. So you can keep track of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every day. The key is to stay within your daily SmartPoints goals. But each plan – blue, green, and purple – allows for extra weekly items if you need them (in case you need a little wiggle room!). Some foods are even considered zero points, which means you can eat them in any amount.


  • Easy to use tracker: You can log food, water and physical activity in the same place in the app. In addition, the program offers an integrated barcode scanner, with which you can easily see how many items are in your shopping cart when shopping.
  • Recipes: The app contains thousands of recipes that you can filter based on dietary needs and prep time. And WW also partnered with Blue Apron to make cooking at home so much easier.
  • fitness: You have access to free workouts through the app, and WW has partnerships with fitness companies like Aaptiv, an audio instruction program that does not offer machine workouts specifically designed for WW users.
  • Community: Because WW has been around for so long, the network is huge on both social media and the IRL. You can attend meetings and workshops in your area or receive live coaching via the app.

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    What is Naom?

    What is it: While om may be the newbie, according to the website, it claims to be "the last weight loss program you will ever need". Unlike many weight loss apps, om focuses not only on food tracking and calorie counting, but also aims to take into account behavioral changes and psychology related to diet and weight loss.

    How it works: Once you've downloaded om, you'll be asked if the app can access your smartphone's Health app, which allows you to keep a log of your exercises and foods throughout the day. You will be given a recommended daily calorie limit, and the app will guide you to the best foods to eat and rate them on a scale from green to yellow to red (or least to most calorie). You will be asked to weigh in daily to achieve the goal.

    The program also includes an educational component. The app also checks your mental state by asking you to rate your level of motivation, and offers lessons on creating healthy habits. (And watch out, because you might be asked about it!)


    • Education: During the week, you will receive classes on topics that can affect your weight loss, including diet, stress management, and goal setting.
    • Live coaching: Are you feeling less than motivated today? Tap your om Health, Wellness, or Responsibility Coach for help.
    • tracking:: You can keep a log of all of your meals, snacks, and daily exercise, and keep track of other important health measures like blood sugar and pressure.

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      How much does each program cost?

      WW: There are different types of memberships that you can choose between in the WW. Here is a quick overview.

      • The Digital plan costs $ 3.22 per week (or around $ 12-15 per month) and gives you access to the app, as well as tracking functions, fitness and recipe guides, and a social platform where you can chat with other WW members.
      • The Workshop + digital plan is $ 6.92 per week (or around $ 28 to $ 35 per month). You get everything the digital plan has to offer, as well as personal coaching sessions with other local members.
      • The Personal coaching + digital plan You get $ 12.69 per week (or around $ 50 to $ 64 per month). This includes all digital discounts and a weekly phone call with a WW coach instead of meetings.

        om: The app is free, and you can get a 14-day trial for just $ 1 if you'd like to try the program before paying the monthly fee. om really only offers a basic plan that costs $ 59 per month. So it's a little more expensive than WW. However, you can save by committing to a longer plan ahead of time.

        • Monthly auto-recurring plan: $ 59
        • Two-Month Auto-Recurring Plan: $ 99
        • Four Month Auto-Recurring Plan: $ 129
        • Six Month Auto-Recurring Plan: $ 149
        • Eight Month Auto-Recurring Plan: $ 159
        • Annual auto-recurring plan: $ 199

          How do you log food on WW and om?

          On WW: With Weight Watchers you can count and log by SmartPoints. Every food and drink has a corresponding SmartPoint value. However, the healthiest food options (think of certain fruits and vegetables) are considered zero point foods. You will be given a personalized SmartPoint budget based on your initial assessment and weight loss goals and will be assigned to one of three plans – purple, green, or blue.

          • The Purple plan offers over 300 zero groceries (profit!), But you also have the lowest number of daily total points.
          • The Green Plan gives you just over 100 zero point foods, but the highest number of daily points.
          • The Blue Plan is exactly in the middle and offers 200 zero point foods and an average (not too high, not too low) number of daily points.

            Weight Watchers

            On om: Remember, om is focused on both weight loss and education. So in between logs, you'll also be given daily tasks, usually short articles to read about diet, mindfulness, or other holistic aspects of diet and weight loss. And instead of assigning point values ​​to individual foods, om groups foods into three categories, arranged from lowest to highest calorie density. Your aim? Eat what you want but stay within your prescribed calorie limit by eating foods that are mostly from the green and yellow food groups.

            • Green foods: These include vegetables (broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots) and fruits (blueberries, apples, bananas), as well as other low-calorie foods like protein, whole grain bread, and quinoa. You are encouraged to consume these often.
            • Red foods: These are the highest calorie foods (think nuts, cheese, beef, pork, pizza, cakes) and you should eat them sparingly.
            • Yellow foods: These fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to calorie density (think: chicken, eggs, turkey, beans, ground beef, avocados). So, eat them in moderation.

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                Do WW and om come with fitness advice or exercise records?

                Yes! Both programs offer fitness components or complement their membership. WW allows you to add FitPoints, or points you have accumulated during a workout, to your daily SmartPoint budget (for example, half an hour on the elliptical can get you around nine points). WW offers both free challenges and workouts in the app or through partnerships like Aaptiv.

                om, on the other hand, offers a paid additional option for a custom training plan. The app also encourages you to move independently – you are asked daily whether you have exercised or not.

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                Which program is better: WW or om?

                TBH, it depends what you are looking for. Abby Langer, RD, owner of Abby Langer Nutrition and author of Good Food, Bad Diet, would choose om. "It deals with the psychology of why we eat and the decisions we make," says Langer. And for them, this is of the utmost importance when it comes to developing a sustainable weight loss plan.

                Cassetty, on the other hand, says the support network within the Weight Watchers community is huge. "They're constantly updating their algorithm and offerings based on what they know about their community," she says.

                With both diet programs, Cassetty says, it's important to be flexible with yourself if you've had a so-called slip – for example by eating too many red foods or exceeding your SmartPoint limit. "We don't want to demoralize the food," says Cassetty. "We just have to learn how to enjoy it more healthily." She stresses that with both programs this can be done with care and a little self-forgiveness.

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