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A 33-year-old Ukrainian influencer who denied the existence of Covid-19 has died.

Father of three, Dmitriy Stuzhuk, died days after it was published that he was living with the disease and that his status was stable.

His ex-wife and the mother of his children confirmed the news on Instagram and posted: "All that remains are warm memories, three beautiful children and valuable experiences."

Who was Dmitriy Stuzhuk?

Dmitriy Stuzhuk made a career by promoting healthy living through his social media channels.

At the time of his death, he had amassed over a million followers.

The 33-year-old regularly posted promotions for the fitness brand GymBeam.

He said that he did not previously believe in the existence of Covid-19.

What happened to Dmitriy Stuzhuk?

While visiting Turkey, Stuzhuk said he had symptoms such as a swollen neck and difficulty breathing.

On his return to Ukraine, he was hospitalized after a positive coronavirus test.

He spent eight days in the hospital before being released, but later returned due to heart complications.

Ex-partner Sofia announced that Dmitriy "has problems with his cardiovascular system … his heart is not working properly".

She added, "His condition is extremely serious. body can do anything with it.

"I did everything so that the father of my three children lived. But now nothing depends on me."

She later announced that her children's father had died.

During his illness, Stuzhuk warned of the dangers of Covid-19 after previously denying its existence.

He said, "I want to share how I got sick and give everyone a strong warning.

"I was one who thought Covid didn't exist … until I got sick.

"COVID-19 is not a short-lived disease! And it is difficult."

In a post confirming his death, Sofia Stuzhuk wrote: "For the rest of my life I will remain grateful to you for our three beautiful children."

“For all the invaluable experience. And who I became with you "

Ms. Stuzhuk also suggested that she tried to take the virus more seriously.

"God, I'm so sad that you didn't listen to me about your health," she wrote.

"But we always respected each other's decisions.

"We weren't together anymore, but it doesn't hurt any less."

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