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One thing James Blunt learned in college? Changing your diet out of defiance can have real consequences.

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While chatting on the Table Manners podcast, the English singer remembered the development of scurvy – yes, scurvy! – following a meat diet at the University of Bristol in the 1990s.

"On the sociological side, there were 170 girls and only three boys, all of whom were vegetarian or vegan girls," said James. "So I decided on principle to become a carnivore and only live on minced meat, some chicken, maybe some mayonnaise."

Because James, then a student of aerospace engineering and sociology, was giving his body so little vitamin C, he got the disease that is often associated with pirates.

"It took me about six to eight weeks to get very unhealthy and see a doctor who said," I think you have the symptoms of scurvy, "said the pop singer," You're Beautiful. "" The doctor] said, & # 39; You really lack vitamin C. & # 39; "

James tried to reverse his condition and then overdo it with fresh juice.

"I made it my business to drink orange juice every night – then I almost developed acid reflux," he said.

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Scurvy was widespread among seafarers over the centuries because they had little access to fresh food at sea.

After a month of severe vitamin C deficiency, signs of scurvy begin to develop, according to Previous warning signs include weakness, unexplained fatigue, decreased appetite, irritability, sore legs, and a mild fever. If left untreated, symptoms become more drastic as they include tooth decay, gingivitis, anemia, blurred vision, skin bleeding, excessive bruising, internal bleeding, and more.

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