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This is an AARMIE for everyone. We unite to train together, support each other, share our journey and build our strongest – most resilient – most optimistic selves. This is your AARMIE.

New York, NY, Aug 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – AARMY, the revolutionary next-level coaching experience that focuses on exercising both your mind and body, is introducing its first app-based digital subscription program. The app offers an on-demand series of over 20 new exercise lessons, uploaded every week, that combine AARMY's unique blend of mental condition and physical training. New practice hours are added daily by a team of 7 trainers throughout the cycle, a series of targeted boot camps, inspirational programming and recovery. The AARMY coaching team is led by co-founders Akin Akman and Angela Manuel-Davis, both superstar coaches with globally established supporters. In addition to Akman & Davis, AARMY is co-founded by the renowned creative director and brand strategist Trey Laird.

The content of the digital training program is based on monthly thematic series that focus on a central motivational feature of the AARMY philosophy. Subscribing athletes can track and achieve each streak goal in real time as they build and get stronger on their fitness journey with the whole team. The content is created in an upscale, inspiring and innovative film style that uses HD systems with multiple cameras to give athletes the most exciting experience possible. Music is a key creative element of any AARMY practice lesson. The app programming features music from the world's best artists of various genres.

The app will be available to everyone in the US, UK and Canada through both and the App Store. Monthly subscriptions are $ 35 / month or $ 350 / year for annual membership. From September, subscribed athletes can also book individual places for selected live training units with AARMY coaches.

A launch campaign photographed and filmed by world-famous photographer Craig McDean shows model Yasmin Wijnaldum together with all AARMY coaches with an exclusive remix track by Cerebral by Boys ize.

About AARMY:

AARMY was launched in late 2019 and is designed as an authentic training concept that challenges the status quo of existing fitness offerings by emphasizing the same importance of personal inspiration and mental conditioning. AARMY offers this unique blend of superb training performances normally reserved only for professional sports teams or elite academies to everyday people to unlock their inner athlete. Akman and Davis have coached leading figures in sports, fashion, film, music, and the arts including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Jake Gyllenhaal, David Beckham, Maria Sharapova, and Karlie Kloss, to name a few. Later in the autumn, AARMY will be launching an exclusive, state-of-the-art bicycle in addition to a premium subscription. The AARMY Premium Subscription offers advanced analytics and metrics tracking, social and interactive training features, live program options, and a revolutionary Athletic Assessment Physiotherapy program developed in collaboration with the country's leading pro-team sports medicine practitioner.

About the founders

About Akin Akman:

Akman, co-founder and chief fitness officer of the brand, has been considered the world's most successful group fitness coach for several years. Akin Akman began his fitness career at the age of 7 as a tennis prodigy at the elite IMG Sports Academy in Florida. Trained under legendary Hall of Fame coach Nick Bollettieri, Akman was on his way to a career as a pro tennis player when injuries boggled him at the age of 17. Bollettieri urged Akman to reinvent himself as a coach and the rest is history. Akman now has a worldwide following of dedicated athletes whom he inspires to bring out their inner athletes on a daily basis. Akman is a Nike Master Trainer and also a successful IMG model. He appeared in campaigns for leading global brands such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Rag & Bone and started his own joint collection with New York-based designer Todd Snyder.

About Angela Manuel-Davis:

Angela, the brand's co-founder and chief motivational officer, has long been recognized as the industry's leading fitness evangelist and motivational coach. Davis, also a career athlete, was a former member of the US track and field team and a five-time semi-finalist in the All American and Olympic Trial. At 100 meters he was once one of the top 25 in the world. Growing up in an athletic family has shaped Davis' perspective that exercising at the highest level is more than just a physical obligation – it is also an opportunity for personal empowerment. Today, Davis is a highly respected motivational speaker and has shared her unique inspirational story and uplifting message to audiences around the world, including appearing with Oprah Winfrey on both the Live Your Best Life and 20/20 tours Vision". Davis is a Nike ambassador who also created the most coveted group fitness experience in LA.

About Trey Laird:

As the founder and visionary of Laird + Partners, Trey founded the nation's leading creative, marketing and branding agency that focuses on the worlds of fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle brands. Known for his equally strong strength in both business strategy and visual execution at the highest level, Laird has worked with the most influential designers and brands in the world including Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co., Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld and Donna Karan, Bottega Veneta, Hermes and Gap among countless others. He has also created numerous brand campaigns, videos, and collaborations with global figures such as Beyoncé, Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gigi Hadid, Pharrell Williams, Anna Wintour, and Madonna. Laird, now AARMY's co-founder and chief executive officer, oversees all aspects of branding and strategic development alongside Akman and Davis.

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