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Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin: Whyte's unimaginable weight reduction is revealed when Brit walks in on a STONE l – talkSPORT.com

Dillian Whyte lost over a stone before his fight with Alexander Povetkin on Saturday night.

The "Body Snatcher" was clearly in bad shape the last time it played against Mariusz Wach, but corrected it during the suspension.

Whyte has been in Portugal for the past five months.

When it emerged that the borders were supposed to be closed again in early March, he quickly jumped into his car and made it to the camp to properly prepare for the fight.

The date has been postponed from May 2nd to July 4th and will now take place on Saturday evening in the Matchroom Fight Camp.

Warm weather training was Whyte's secret weapon, and it seems to have done the trick.

Dave Thompson / Matchroom

Whyte weighed 271 pounds last December

He looked in bad shape

Dave Thompson / Matchroom

He looked in bad shape

Before his last fight with Wach, Whyte's career was in turmoil when a UKAD case hung over his head.

The bout was officially confirmed with three weeks' notice and when the weigh-in day came he hit the scales at a beefy 271 pounds (19st 5lbs).

Later that day he was cleared of all wrongdoing by UKAD.

w, before the povetkin fight, Whyte had a full camp and came in with 252.4lbs (18st 0lbs 6oz).

He lost 18.6 pounds (1.4 pounds 6 ounces).

Dillian Whyte's last five considerations

August 2020 against Povetkin – 252.4 lbs (18st 0lbs 6oz).

December 2019 against guard – 271lbs (19st 5lbs)

July 2019 against Rivas – 254lbs (18st 2lbs)

December 2019 against Chisora ​​II – 246.5 lbs (17st 8lbs 8oz)

July 2019 against Parker – 258.6 lbs (18st 6lbs 9oz)

He said to Sky, "It's been hard, life is full of ups and downs man.

“I was down at that time. I was down and out. w I'm on the move again.

"I worked hard, dieted hard, trained hard. It was hard, it wasn't easy.

"Hopefully now I'm feeling good and I'm back to where I should be."

Whyte is back in top form

Mark Robinson / Matchroom

Whyte is back in top form

In the guard fight itself, Whyte lagged significantly behind his performance, but achieved a unanimous victory.

w the situation is very different.

Whyte has no longer had a UKAD situation and has completed five months of uninterrupted training. He's torn and ready for Povetkin.

"It was very difficult to find the right people," he continued.

“Obviously my entire team was there, the physiotherapists, the conditioners, the logisticians, the boxing trainers, everyone was there.

"Then I had to find sparring partners, I couldn't get the guys I needed and I had to get other guys.

“Then I had to wait for that part of the country to open up. It was a nightmare, but it was good at the same time.

"If I hadn't been there I wouldn't have been able to train and get myself into the physical condition I need to be in tune with Povetkin."

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