Vidyullekha Raman Introduces Carnivore Weight-reduction plan to Followers – Telugu Information –

Actress Vidyullekha Raman has lost a lot of weight recently and has become an inspiration to many young girls. There have been many people who trolled them and shamed them for their weight. She took it as a challenge and turned into incredible shape.

Vidyullekha even shared the diet she followed and the exercises she did in the gym to lose a few pounds. The other day she posted a video on her Instagram profile announcing that she would start a carnivore diet. Yes. You heard it right.

This is likely the first time anyone has started this type of diet where they have to eat healthy meat cooked food. The actress has said that she will try for a week since working on her weight problems.

That sounded really great and many of her followers have shown an interest in learning more about this new diet as they believe it will have a good effect on weight loss.

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