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It is important for your daughter to know that a healthy diet and exercise can relieve cramps. Here are more tips for relieving cramps.

As mothers, we all want all of this heartache and ache to go away when it comes to our children. But when it comes to our daughters learning about and dealing with literal pain in relation to their menstrual period, that's different because we relate to it with all our hearts. We fully remember those days when our periods started not knowing what was going on in our bodies and were so confused and hormonal when it came to periods and menstrual cramps.

As we grew up in adulthood, we came across many tried and true tips and tricks that are very effective in staving off the pain of bad menstrual cramps. It is almost like a rite of passage to pass these on to our daughters because they usually need guidance and they may even one day pass it on to their own daughter. One thing to always remember: if your daughter is suffering from extremely painful menstrual cramps that take her out of school for a few days each month, then it is probably best to take her to a doctor to completely resolve the problem to investigate.

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Without further ado, let's examine how you can help your daughter relieve her cramps.

Exercise & Diet

One thing that is a fairly simple concept, but getting your teen on board, depending on their lifestyle and energy levels, making sure they are eating healthy and getting some exercise during their periods could be difficult. notes that if your daughter has cramps for most of the time, it can be a good thing to consider a healthy, balanced diet that is low in sodium.

It also doesn't hurt to get some exercise because that exercise through the body can actually help relieve cramps. If they are not feeling strenuous, they can always do yoga for 20 minutes or even meditate and focus the mind on something other than the pain. Passing on some of these healthy coping mechanisms can only help create good habits that they will hopefully carry over to their adult years.

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Don't forget about warmth

This may be a no-brainer for many people out there, but if it's not practiced, many teenagers may not know. To relieve menstrual cramps, it might be time to invest in a small gift from the gods known as a hot water bottle. Very Good Family suggests that many younger adult women can find relief from cramping by applying heat to the pelvic area, and a hot water bottle is the perfect tool to help with. They actually make some really cute ones these days, so keep an eye out for a possible gift idea coming up!

Soothing the entire body can also be very helpful when immersing yourself in a hot bath and relaxing. Let her have an hour to herself in the bathroom to sit back, relax and bathe in the warm water. Chances are they'll feel so relaxed and sleepy that they'll have forgotten about the bad convulsions that sent them there in the first place. Even something like a warm cup of tea or milk can only help provide some comfort and make you feel a little less lazy.

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Pain management

Some parents are uncomfortable giving medication to their children or teenagers, even if they are mild, but sometimes the situation just warrants it. If your daughter has been complaining about routine menstrual cramps for the first few days of her period and it's not so bad that she will miss school, you might want to give her light pain relievers.

We're not talking about a prescription, although this may be an option as some doctors will prescribe some form of contraception for some teenage girls to help with their cycles and painful periods, but most of the time ibuprofen can do the job well. Either that or naproxen, which is anti-inflammatory, if given before the cramps get too painful and on a schedule (if needed), they can really help relieve those painful cramps.

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