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Divyanka Tripathi's no makeup is better than what it looks like on the screen!

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The glamorous world attracts us with its constant attention, its fame, its followers and many more things we don't even know to say. We always think celebrity life is easy, but TBH, it's not as easy as it seems on TV. The celebs have to keep their long-lasting makeup on screen for hours to look their best on screen, and it's not easy at all, is it?

However, out of the blue we see her clear and clean face without accessories in a blue moon. One such celebrity that we love is Divyanka Tripathi and today she is going to tell you how to look without makeup and look great with your natural color.

The famous Divyanka Tripathi by Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is one of the many natural beauties in the industry. Even when she's not on the screen, she won't keep the makeup on her face, she is so beautiful and her looks are worth stealing. Her natural skin and straight hair are something we'd drool over. She has a balanced diet to keep her skin glowing.

Below are some of the nicest clicks from Divyanka Tripathi without makeup:

Divyanka Tripathi's sunburned face is what all girls need!

The white beauty on the beach!

After training, Selfie makes your skin glow!

Always smile with a natural sunken selfie!

Cuteness overloaded!

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