Jake Paul says he's going to be Ok.O. Nate Robinson 1st Spherical, McDonald & # 39; s Food regimen Positive – TMZ

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Jake Paul says you can bet your mortgage it will fail Nate Robinson at the start of their celebrity boxing match … which could explain why he's not worried about Big Macs.

The YouTube star left BOA in LA on Friday night thinking about how he thinks his undercard fight with the ex-NBA star will go down in vember – spoiler alert, guy is very confident, so much. .. he says putting your own house on the line would be worth it.

Give it a try … Jake tells us that he guarantees a knockout win in the first round no matter how much time Nate takes to practice. Remember their match was up originally planned for September, but supposedly was pushed back until late fall … which he seems to confirm here.

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In any case, Jake has one piece of advice for people who criticize his pre-fight diet – namely, the fact that he's been spotted at McDonald's lately and is getting strange looks. His suggestion … sshhh because he says he can eat anything he wants because he knocks out so quickly.

Like I said, Jake is super confident – dare we say it, cocky as hell ??? Sure, that's probably right because he says he can basically run this fight slowly … no running is necessary.

By the way, don't look from Jake the FBI sitch and whether that had any effect on the fight date shift … but the guy was more than happy to crush his upcoming opponent. Good stuff …

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