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In certain periods of time, not only do stomach gas, back pain, and mood swings worsen, but many girls also get pimples on their faces. In fact, 65 percent of girls get the most pimples during their period. Acne during this time is cystic acne that is red and painful.

During these five days, your skin needs some care and maintenance. Due to hormonal changes in the body of women, let us know how to fix screen problems.

Why do pimples go away in certain periods of time?

Pimples appear on the face a few days before your period ends. These are known as hormonal or menstrual acne. Women who have acne problem year round must have more problems during their periods. The level of hormones in our bodies continues to rise, but during the days of the periods, estrogen decreases and testosterone increases. Testosterone hormone is higher in men. Due to its increase, the sebum begins to produce in greater quantities in the sebum-forming gland in the skin pores, thereby increasing the pimples.

Pimples or acne

During this time, the skin begins to produce more oil. At the same time, many girls' skin becomes dry and dull. Pimples and cysts that appear during this time can be very painful to some. To fix this, wash your face with warm water at least twice a day. This will relieve you of pain. Also, don't forget to apply a cream called benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria on the porch.

Clean face


These days, your skin should be kept clean. If the mess on your porch comes out, the problem will be solved on its own. Cleanup can help you with this task. Cleaning will also remove the black and white heads on the nose, forehead and chin. This not only cleanses the skin, but also brings a glow to the face.

Make some distance with makeup


During periods, the skin produces more sebum, which makes the skin appear sticky. Using makeup regularly can cause problems with periods. Because the makeup clogs the pores, which can lead to pimple problems on the screen.

Diet and water


These days, eat low glycemic index foods that can help reduce hormonal acne. Keep sweet products, white bread, processed foods, etc. away in your diet. Whenever possible, eat things that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidant properties. This not only protects the skin from breakouts, but also keeps it glowing. Also, drink at least two liters of water a day.

Keep the skin hydrated


During this time our skin becomes very dry, so honey can help you with this work. This not only reduces the symptoms of acne but also keeps the skin hydrated. It has natural antiseptic properties that create shine in your skin.

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