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Superfood Saturday: Why eggs are so egg-celled

Surprised that eggs are considered superfood? It wasn't too long ago that eggs got the reputation of being an unhealthy food to avoid because they could contribute to serious health problems. w we know that the opposite is true: eggs are a concentrated source of potent nutrients and offer many health benefits. They can play an important role in our diet, especially when we try to shed excess pounds.

Here is a list of some of the many benefits of eggs … and some tasty ways to cook them:

Nutrition highlights

Eggs are PowerFuels on the Nutrisystem program because they are a source of high quality protein with only about 80 calories per serving. A large egg (one serving) contains five grams of fat, including 1.6 grams of saturated fat. The concerns about egg consumption were based on the 187 milligrams of cholesterol in an average egg. High blood cholesterol is associated with heart disease, but recent research has shown that eating high-cholesterol foods does not directly increase the levels stored in your body. (Foods that are loaded with saturated fats such as fatty meat are more likely to cause high blood cholesterol.)

7 easy ways to eat more protein

A typical large egg provides about seven grams of complete protein (another one that offers the superfood benefits of eggs), which is found in both egg yolk (yellow) and egg white (white). The egg yolk is rich in vitamins A and D, B vitamins, zinc and iron. It also provides two important antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients protect your eyes from age-related illnesses such as macular degeneration, a major cause of blindness in the United States, affecting over 10 million people. They also support healthy brain function.

Eggs provide you with choline, a nutrient that is especially important for pregnant women because it plays a key role in the development of the fetal brain. For everyone, choline helps our body to maintain and replenish all types of cells, transmit nerve impulses and process fat and cholesterol in our diet. Only beef liver gives you more choline than eggs.

For all of us on a weight loss journey, eggs can be the most valuable because they help satisfy hunger. People who ate an egg breakfast then felt fuller and consumed significantly fewer calories at lunch and for the next 24 hours than those who ate a bagel-based breakfast with the same number of calories, according to a study published in the journal Nutrition Research .

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Buying guide

If you buy eggs in the supermarket, they will most likely have white shells. You can also see eggs with brown shells in grocery stores, and if you shop at farmers' markets or other sources, you may come across bluish and even speckled eggs. The color of the shells is directly related to the breed of chicken that laid them – there are no significant nutritional differences between eggs of different colors.

Many shops and farmers are now offering free-range or pasture-derived eggs from chickens that feed on their natural diet – insects and seeds – while walking around outdoors. Chickens raised under standard conditions are kept inside and receive feed that has been pre-formulated for them, mainly from corn and soybeans. Free range egg yolks are usually lighter yellow or more orange than standard. Some research has shown that free-range eggs contain less saturated fatty acids and more healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Fresh ideas

The many benefits of eggs make this superfood a healthy way to stock up your day, but breakfast isn't the only time to enjoy it. By separating the egg yolk from the white, the types of dishes that you can prepare with eggs are greatly expanded. To learn how to do it without causing chaos watch this video>

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w check out these six delicious and egg-celled superfood recipes to take advantage of the many benefits of eggs:

1. Cloud eggs>

Egg cloud chives

For a light and fluffy egg dish, whip the egg whites (the white part!) And then cook the egg yolk in the frothy white cloud.

2. Veggie omelet muffins>


Take your eggs along with these simple muffins loaded with cheese and vegetables along with the nutritional value of the eggs.

3. Thanksgiving Breakfast Cups>

Thanksgiving mug

What do you do in the morning after a big vacation? Use turkey leftovers and potatoes (white or sweet) along with fresh eggs to prepare a hands-on breakfast that nourishes the whole gang.

4. Thin avocado egg salad sandwich>

Benefits of eggs

You can prepare a filling flex lunch with all the creaminess and flavor you love, but with healthier fats and lots of protein to keep you energized all afternoon.

5. t so devilish devil eggs>

Benefits of eggs

The party favorite gets a healthy makeover so that you and your guests can enjoy it during the holiday season or whenever you all get together.

6. 5-ingredient veggie frittata>

Benefits of eggs

Eggs are the basis of this filling and nutritious meal, which comes with rich mozzarella and cottage cheese.

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