Spicy sesame-coconut rice

Rice has always been my staple food. It is what my mother fed me when I was sick and the only food I ever wanted to get out of the haze of the flu. As an adult, I fluctuate between making beautiful, simply cooked pots with simple rice and more elaborate creations, which I consider to be a "wild style". Lol. The simple preparations are the most soothing – brown short grain rice with a little salt and (maybe) a piece of butter or a dash of good olive or sesame oil. The wild style versions are the opposite. They are exciting to make – even invigorating! It is when I reach out of different cupboards, cover the spice drawer and add other grains to the rice. I'm never 100% sure how things will go, but I write down the preferred wild-style versions in my notebook so that I can easily revisit them. This spicy sesame coconut rice has many stars next to it.

This version isn't overly "wild" in itself – you probably have all the ingredients on hand. But it's a combination that's just unconventional enough to be special. This recipe makes a pot of brown rice cooked in a thin sesame coconut broth. It is showered with lemon peel and drizzled with sesame chilli oil if you like a bit of heat. It is the type of rice that goes well with a lightly cooked vegetable and as the main ingredient in any rice bowl you might dream of.Spicy sesame-coconut rice

You can see the coconut rice served here for family lunch yesterday. It is coated with tempeh crumble, the last part of an avocado, simply steamed asparagus and spring onion paste (only spring onions, pulsed with a dash of olive oil and a pinch of salt). If sesame rice isn't your thing, but you want to add more green to your plate, jump over to Bryant Terry's Amazing Green Rice or browse through all of these other rice recipes.

Some popular rice sources were: Massa Organics, Koda Farms, Lotus Foods and Toiro Kitchen. If you are on my mailing list, I have also added a number of favorite rice links, books and media there and will link them to the archives as soon as they are published. Enjoy! xx -h

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