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The right way to clear your kitchen to make room for meals transportation

Countries around the world crumple at home and practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). With self-isolation precautions taken by families around the world, it becomes clearer than ever that a longer stay at home requires a supply of food. To make room for a large food transport, of course, a little preparation work and some organization are required. We have put together some helpful tips so that you can clean your kitchen and make room for in-depth grocery shopping. You will feel great knowing that your kitchen is ready to stock up on healthy ideas for preparing meals during self-isolation.

Our registered dietitian weighed in to provide you with the best groceries you can buy during a quarantine. Once your kitchen is cleaned and ready for storage, click the link below to get your grocery list:

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Read our step-by-step guide to clean your kitchen for food transportation:

Step 1: delete expired items

Clean the kitchen for the transportation of food. Food tips during self-isolation

When you make room for all your health Nutrisystem food or a large grocery store in times of social distancing or self-isolation. The best place to start is to clean the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Take out everything you have and check all expiration dates. It is likely that you will find items that have been buried on the back and have already expired and need to be thrown. This can be difficult if you don't really take it all out and do it all at once.

Take the opportunity while the food is outside their original storage space to wipe and disinfect shelves and drawers (Click here to learn how to really clean your fridge! >). This gives you and your loved ones an additional hygiene practice during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) problem. Set aside unhealthy items that you no longer include in your healthy meal plan to donate or give away. As you tidy up the kitchen, you should clean the rest of your house in the spring. Find out how you can clean your path to weight loss in the spring. >

Step 2: think about the storage and organization of kitchens

Clean the kitchen for the transportation of food. Food tips during self-isolation

When returning food to its original location, it can be helpful to place items that are close to their expiry date so that they can be used more quickly. It can also be helpful to create a list of “Master Pantry” or “Master Fridge or Freezer” that lists all of the foods you have on hand. This step will help you maintain a tidy kitchen during social distance and self-isolation. This also ensures that you no longer buy from something that you already have in stock.

It's also a good idea to think about better organizing these grocery stores (Learn how an organized kitchen can help you lose weight! >). Try to group "Like Items". This makes it easier to find food and helps you to keep an overview of your food. You can even buy shelves, baskets or containers to group these items together. For example, healthy pantry snacks can be stored in a single container that can be easily removed from the shelf and viewed. Check out these 10 brilliant space-saving hacks for your kitchen. >

If you are organized and prepared, you can choose better foods. If healthy foods are hidden in the back of your grocery store, they are often ignored. Make them easy to find when hunger strikes so you can make healthy choices!

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Step 3: Donate groceries to your local animal shelter

Clean the kitchen for the transportation of food. Food tips during self-isolation

When you tidy up your food supplies, you may also come across things you are unlikely to ever eat. Regardless of whether your food preferences have changed or you are just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle by eliminating certain food options, you may get perfect foods that are wasted. Consider donating unexpired food to local animal shelters or pantries for those who need it. You can also pass it on to a needy family or friend.

Perhaps you are in the process of making "healthy swaps". Instead of all the pasta you have in your pantry, you might choose one of your perfectly portioned frozen foods like Nutrisystem Chicken Fettucine "Alfredo. Don't just throw these pasta away – donate sensibly. You will feel good if you help your local community and give something to those in need.

During Coronavirus (COVID-19) dispensing, you can try calling your local grocery or pantry to see if employees can pick up these items outside of your home. So everyone can stay safe and practice social distancing while our country is fighting this virus. These food donations can help those who need them most in your community.

Explore The Leaf to learn more Tips for storing and organizing the kitchen, simple and tasty recipes and Ideas for preparing healthy meals for this time of self-isolation.

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