Ten freezer-friendly pantry soups

Hello everybody. t surprisingly, I'm getting a lot of requests for pantry soup recipes right now. I made a couple myself this week (a red cabbage version of Ribollita and a simple farro and bean soup), and it's the type of cooking that I love the most. I hope you find inspiration in this collection of favorite soups and stews based on staple foods like beans, grains, rice, canned tomatoes and the like – ingredients that you may have in your closet. Keep in mind that many of them are very adaptable, which means I encourage you to go for replacements if you have no or two ingredients! In the list below, I'm going to make some simple swap suggestions. And if you are not sure whether a substitution works or not, please send me a message on Instagram. I would be happy to help you develop a plan.

1. Chickpea rice soup with garlic chile oil – A chunky rice soup, topped with lots of chickpeas, sprinkled with kale and drizzled with a lively garlic and chilli oil. It has peanuts and a pinch of turmeric. It freezes wonderfully and you can experiment with a range of toppings.


2. Ribollita – This classic Tuscan stew is a great way to put everything you need in your kitchen in a delicious saucepan – an old bread (or two), carrots that aren't lumberjacks, leafy greens, etc. I had a cabbage that needed the other day a purpose – chopped it and it went into the pot. Use beans from your pantry, canned tomatoes, and a mixture of vegetables. It's also a great way to eat the rainbow and add a wide range of healthy ingredients to your bowl.

Green lentil soup with curry brown butter

3. Green lentil soup with curry brown butter – Green lentils (or peas) topped with a brown curry butter drizzle. This version requires cubes with fried paneer, but you can skip that and just make a little grated cheese. Or! You can certainly try a vegan version – pour some olive oil or coconut oil with spices and brown some tofu instead of paneer. Another beast, but also really good.

Curry tomato tortellini soup

4. Curry Tomato Tortellini Soup – A lentil and tomato-based stew strewn with plump, tender dumplings, mixed with a number of spices and enriched with a lot of spinach. It's so tasty and simple, weekday friendly, and great for leftovers. Also no shame to use frozen spinach here. It reduces the already minimal preparation time here to almost nothing.

Spicy taco soup recipe

5. Spicy taco soup – You can do this in an instant pot, but you don't have to. It's pretty much just a dump & stir situation, which consists of a hearty blend of beans, corn, taco spices, and quinoa. Frozen corn is fine. I add the creaminess and the crunch factor over the toppings – roasted pepitas for the later, ripe avocado or guacamoleand a pinch of yogurt for the creamy ones.

Lively on itself lentil soup

6. Lively Up Yourself Lentil Soup – A simple but satisfying lentil soup, in which the smell of tomatoes plays out the earthiness of lentils, with a fragrant dash of saffron yogurt than ever. It's been available on my website for years and I wanted to take the photos again for almost as long. Many of you have cooked this and left some great adjustments in the comments – I've added a few favorites to the main post.

Vegetarian pea soup

7. Vegetarian pea soup – A delicious, healthy, structured soup made from an incredibly short list of ingredients. Seriously, only five! Simply cook green peas and onions until tender, partially pureed, seasoned and flamed with topping.

Coconut-red lentil soup

8. Coconut Lentil Soup – Based on an Ayurvedic Dal recipe in the Esalen cookbook, I love this recipe so much. It's worth trying, even if you don't have the exact spices. Just wing it a little bit! Do not use ghee or coconut oil, olive oil. ginger? Try some garlic instead.

Simple farro & bean soup

9. Simple Farro & Bean Soup – The kind of hearty, timeless, soothing soup that helps in times like these. I did it earlier this week and it made me feel a little better. There is hacking that concerns the hands and focuses the mind. The basic ingredients are flexible and straight from the pantry – grains, canned tomatoes, beans. And if you have a lot of products to use, a soup like this is perfect – eat something, freeze something. The ultimate pantry soup.

Richard Olney's Garlic Soup

10. Richard Olney's Garlic Soup – The ultimate comfort soup. Creamy and full-bodied without the use of cream, it is made by boiling a dozen cloves of garlic with a few herbs in water and then thickening the broth with a mixture of egg and grated cheese. It is hard to beat a large ladle, which is poured over a crispy, one-day walnut baguette with a final sip of olive oil.

And if none of these pantry soups seem just right for you, here's a whole section of soup recipes. Or here is a summary of the mixer soups. Or a collection of amazing vegetable broths. xx, -h

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