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Find out how to clear your option to shed some pounds within the spring

You may not have crossed the line between “creeping mess” and “hoarding,” but organization expert Peter Walsh cites a 2008 study at Ohio State University in his recent book, Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight , in which it was found that there are three hortens times as likely to be overweight as their family members.

Hoarding is confusing to the nth degree. What they have in common: stress. Studies have shown that disorder can lead to stress and stress can lead to weight gain. Of course, the premise of Walsh's book is that removing stressful confusion can only be the motivation you need to lose a few pounds. At least you could better handle your training equipment.

You can assess how serious your clutter problem is by going to the Institute for Challenging Disorganization website and answering 21 questions on the "Are you chronically disorganized?"

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In the meantime, here are six spring cleaning strategies that can help you:

1. Make a deal with yourself: One bag a week. That's all. Fill a garbage bag with items from your house that you can donate or hand over to the sanitary team on the roadside. It's a small step, but up to 52 bags are added each year.

2. Check your closet for forgotten clothes: This blouse that you keep going over, the pants that are too small or too big, the sweater that the moths like better than you. Only keep the clothes that you like, that fit and that you wear.

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3. Forget the yard sale. Be honest. If you know you will never organize it, just delay the inevitable – and store all of these salable items in your house instead of getting them out.

4. Get rid of temptations. Do you have an ice cream maker, deep fryer or bread machine somewhere? Somewhere there could be a need for someone who is not trying to lose weight and get well. You don't need it anymore. Especially with amazing, healthy alternatives like Chocolate brownie sundae by Nutrisystem or the recipe of the sheet for Air-fried mozzarella sticks.

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5. Enter everything "throw date". If you're having trouble giving up something, put it in a box and mark a date in three months, six months, or a year. If you haven't opened the box to take something out, throw it away when it's due.

6. Drown in paper? Buy a cork board or cork roll that you can cut to size. Glue any paper that is stacked on counters and other flat surfaces to the board. Clean everything that is out of date once a week.

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